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F1 Outrage as Perez Escapes Penalty for Tsunoda Collision in Singapore GP

In a controversial incident at the Singapore Grand Prix, Sergio Perez faced harsh criticism from fans for causing a collision with Yuki Tsunoda, resulting in Tsunoda’s early retirement. The absence of an investigation by race stewards into Perez’s actions further fueled the backlash, sparking debates among F1 enthusiasts.

Key Takeaways:

  • Fan Reaction to Perez’s Collision: F1 fans expressed their outrage on social media, criticizing Red Bull driver Sergio Perez for crashing into Yuki Tsunoda at the start of the Singapore Grand Prix. The incident, which led to Tsunoda retiring on the second lap due to a puncture, has sparked a heated debate among the F1 community.
  • Stewards’ Inaction Draws Ire: The lack of an investigation into Perez’s move by the race stewards has been met with disbelief and anger by fans. Comparisons were made to a similar incident involving Lewis Hamilton at the Belgian Grand Prix, where Hamilton received a penalty, leading to accusations of inconsistent enforcement of rules.
  • Broadcasting Clarification: Fans clarified that the race footage, including what incidents are shown, is controlled by F1 and transmitted globally, countering assumptions that Sky F1 was responsible for not highlighting the incident during the race.

Continuing with the article, the incident occurred at the start of the Singapore Grand Prix, where Perez’s collision with Tsunoda resulted in significant damage to Tsunoda’s car. The AlphaTauri driver reported a puncture before he had to park his car off the track. Fortunately, Tsunoda’s quick thinking in moving the car behind the barrier averted the need for a safety car or a red flag, minimizing disruption to the race.

Despite the apparent severity of the incident, what particularly shocked fans was the lack of action from the race stewards. No investigation was initiated against Perez, which was a stark contrast to other similar incidents. This discrepancy was pointed out by fans on social media, who expressed their frustration and disappointment with the governing bodies. One fan specifically noted, “Perez taking Yuki out of the race but no investigation or even it being shown on Sky F1 coverage… red bull running the FIA and the media…”

Another aspect of the incident that garnered attention was the perception of bias. One fan’s response suggested that AlphaTauri, being a sister team to Red Bull, is restricted from raising disputes, a claim labeled as “disgusting” by others. This sentiment was further fueled by comparisons with Lewis Hamilton’s penalty at the Belgian Grand Prix for a less severe contact, as one fan pointed out, “Lewis got penalized at Spa for far less contact. Red Bull follow a different set of rules.”

In response to some fans’ criticism of Sky F1 for not broadcasting the incident, another fan clarified the role of broadcasters, stating, “Race footage is directed, produced and transmitted by F1 on a global feed to all broadcasters. It’s not sky, they just comment on what they see. Pre and post-race sky do their own thing.” This clarification highlights the complex dynamics of race coverage and the distribution of responsibilities among different entities involved in F1 broadcasting.

In summary, the incident and the subsequent reactions underscore the ongoing debates about fairness and consistency in F1 stewarding, as well as the complexities surrounding race coverage and team dynamics within the sport.

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