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F1: Watch As Sebastian Vettel Asks Max Verstappen To Swap Helmets In Hilarious Video

F1 driver Sebastian Vettel and his love for helmets came to light back during his Red Bull days when he constantly came up with different themes for his helmet, rather than stick to one or just a few for the entire season like many other drivers.

Vettel was known to have used 50 different helmet designs from 2006 to 2013 and he even had a special design done for the 50th helmet he wore in Italy.

According to his helmet designer Jens Munser, Vettel’s fondness for different helmet designs started at an early age. He recalls Vettel wanting a crab on his helmet from ‘The Litte Mermaid’ at the age of eight. Coincidentally, the crab’s name was Sebastian.

However, Vettel’s ‘new helmet design’ passion went so far that after a point, the FIA had to step in and impose a rule against many helmet changes. But, that didn’t stop him from getting new designs.

Vettel then began swapping helmets with other racing drivers after the race so he could add them to his collection. Last year, he swapped his helmet with Fernando Alonso and F1 legend Alain Prost.

Prior to that, he swapped helmets with former teammate Kimi Raikkonen and former rival Lewis Hamilton. The swapping can be seen as more of mutual respect between drivers, the equivalent of football players swapping their jerseys at the end of a match.

The latest driver to have agreed to swap helmets with Sebastian Vettel is Max Verstappen. From a video seen on YouTube and Instagram, both drivers are seen chatting casually prior to the driver’s parade on Sunday afternoon in Melbourne, Vettel asks Verstappen if he would like to swap his helmet at a later date?

Verstappen suggests doing the swap later in the season when he’ll have several helmets at his disposal. We’re sure Vettel loved hearing those words. Both drivers, who maintain friendly relations walked to the grid chatting pleasantly.

What a nice way of showing mutual respect and a great way of collecting memorabilia. Imagine him seeing all those different helmets when he’s old.

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