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Fernando Alonso Embraces Las Vegas Grand Prix Spectacle, Calls for Balance in Formula 1 Schedule

Aston Martin Driver Highlights the Importance of Entertaining Grand Ceremonies in the World of Formula 1 Racing

Aston Martin’s very own Fernando Alonso, unlike Max Verstappen, welcomed the grand spectacle that was the opening ceremony in Las Vegas. In a sport known for its intensity and high stakes, Alonso saw the opportunity for Formula 1 to strike a balance amidst its demanding schedule.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix marked a unique chapter in Formula 1 history as it unfolded under the dazzling lights of a night race. However, it wasn’t just the race that set this event apart; it was the comprehensive entertainment package that accompanied it. The drivers found themselves immersed in a grand opening ceremony that served as a vibrant introduction to the F1 teams, captivating the American audience.

The opening ceremony was a dazzling affair, featuring a spectacular light show that illuminated the night sky. But it didn’t stop there. The event also showcased performances by global music icons like Kylie Minogue and, adding an extra layer of glitz and glamour to the Formula 1 experience.

And if that wasn’t enough, Formula 1 drivers embraced yet another dimension of competition – the Netflix Cup golf tournament. This unique golfing event saw some of the world’s finest racers take to the green, showcasing their skills beyond the confines of the racetrack.

For Fernando Alonso, it was a spectacle worth being a part of, a celebration of Formula 1’s global appeal and the potential for even greater entertainment. He understood that while the demanding schedule can be grueling, events like the Las Vegas Grand Prix and its accompanying festivities could provide a refreshing balance, attracting new fans and keeping the sport’s allure alive.

In a sport driven by passion and performance, moments like these add an extra layer of excitement, making Formula 1 more than just a series of races—it’s a captivating show that continues to evolve.

Amidst the excitement and grandeur of the event, Verstappen held a different perspective on the “show.” He later shared his thoughts with the media, expressing the following:

“For me, you can skip this.

“We are just standing up there, looking like a clown. I mean, yeah…

“I’m also not going to fake it, I just always voice my opinion on positive things and negative things. That’s just how I am.

“Some people like the show a bit more, I don’t like it at all.”

Yet, as Formula 1 made its long-awaited return to the iconic Las Vegas Strip after almost four decades, the price tag for hosting the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix soared to approximately $500 million. While Alonso appreciated the grandeur of the opening ceremony, he also voiced his desire for a more balanced approach within the demanding race calendar. In his words:

“I have to say that places like this one and with the investment that has been done on the place that we are racing, it deserves a little bit different treatment and a little bit extra show of what we did today or what the weekend is going to be.

“I’m okay to do an extra for these type of events, but maybe it could be balanced somehow and reduced maybe our schedule somewhere else.”

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