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Ferrari Team Chief Fred Vasseur Applauds Upcoming Singapore Grand Prix Rule Change

Fred Vasseur Supports FIA's Aerodynamic Clarification for Fair Competition

In the wake of Ferrari’s impressive performance at the Italian Grand Prix, where they outpaced Aston Martin to secure the coveted third position in the constructors’ championship, team chief Fred Vasseur eagerly anticipates the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix at the Marina Bay Street Circuit. The SF-23 cars have shown promise at this track, and Ferrari aims to not only widen the gap behind them but also close in on Mercedes, currently in second place.

However, the impending Singapore Grand Prix isn’t just about racing; it also marks the introduction of a crucial rule change. The FIA, Formula 1’s governing body, has unveiled a new technical directive, TD018, aimed at addressing potential aerodynamic loopholes. Within the F1 community, whispers have hinted at certain teams pushing the boundaries of flexibility rules concerning their car’s front and rear wings, all in the pursuit of a competitive edge. This strategic bending of the rules could result in enhanced downforce and reduced drag at high speeds.

At the heart of this controversy lies Article 3.2.2 of the Technical Regulations, which unequivocally states that components affecting aerodynamic performance must be “rigidly secured and immobile with respect to their frame of reference.” In an effort to ensure complete transparency and compliance, teams are now obligated to furnish the FIA with detailed assembly drawings and cross-sections. These documents shed light on how wing elements are affixed to crucial parts of the car, such as the nose, rear-wing endplates, and pylons.

During a recent media interaction, Fred Vasseur expressed his support for the FIA’s decision to introduce this clarification. He emphasized the importance of maintaining a level playing field in Formula 1 and ensuring that all teams adhere to the same set of regulations. Vasseur’s endorsement of the rule change underlines Ferrari’s commitment to fair competition and the pursuit of excellence.

As the Singapore Grand Prix draws near, the Formula 1 community eagerly awaits the impact of TD018 on the teams’ aerodynamic strategies. Fred Vasseur’s endorsement serves as a testament to the sport’s ongoing quest for innovation within the boundaries of fairness and adherence to regulations.

“By definition, a TD is a clarification of the regulation.

“It means that there was already a regulation in place.

“And we have to trust the FIA that if they consider that they have to do the TD it’s probably that the regulation was not clear enough and we trust the FIA in this direction to do that.”

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