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Ferrari’s Ambitious 2024 Challenge: Aiming for Podiums in Every Race, Urges Ex-Renault Boss Briatore

Former Renault boss Flavio Briatore has set a high bar for Ferrari in 2024, calling for podium finishes in all 24 races. This comes after a season of mixed results for the Maranello-based team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Ferrari’s 2023 Season Overview: Under the new leadership of Fred Vasseur, Ferrari showed glimpses of brilliance with Carlos Sainz’s win at the Singapore Grand Prix and multiple pole positions. However, the team’s inconsistency led to a third-place finish in the Constructors’ Championship, trailing behind Mercedes.
  • Briatore’s Analysis and Recommendations: Flavio Briatore, with his extensive experience in Formula One, observed a significant performance gap in Ferrari’s race day results compared to their qualifying rounds. He strongly suggests that Ferrari should set their sights on achieving podium positions in each race of the 2024 season.
  • Urging for Enhanced F1 Competition: Given Max Verstappen’s dominant performance in the previous season, with a record-breaking 19 victories, Briatore’s comments also reflect a broader desire for more competitive racing in the upcoming year, hoping to see a closer fight for the championship.

Ferrari’s journey through the 2023 Formula One season, marked their first year under the guidance of Fred Vasseur. The team, represented by Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, managed to secure several high points, including a victory in Singapore and an impressive seven pole positions. Despite these achievements, Ferrari struggled to maintain a consistent form, particularly during race conditions where they notably lagged behind their qualifying pace.

Reflecting on Ferrari’s performance, Flavio Briatore expressed his thoughts at the Caschi d’Oro gala, stating, “Their World Championship was like a chiaroscuro. There were races where they were competitive in qualifying, with much less fuel, then not as competitive in the race afterwards.”

Briatore further elaborated on his expectations for Ferrari, saying, “We have to hope there will be an improvement this winter if they are to be more competitive. For the sake of all Italians and for the sport, I hope that Ferrari can do better, even though winning the World Championship could be tough. Ferrari should be aiming at a podium at least in every race. Let’s hope a Frenchman helps Ferrari win, like I helped the French.”

With the dominance of Max Verstappen in the previous season, Briatore underscored the necessity for a more intense competition in 2024, commenting, “I hope there will be a bit more antagonism next year, otherwise it won’t be much fun. People need to see a proper fight for the title, not such strong domination.”

In conclusion, Ferrari faces a significant challenge in the coming season. With Briatore’s ambitious target and the broader F1 community’s desire for more competitive racing, the stage is set for what could be a transformative year for Ferrari and the sport.

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