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Ferrari’s Bold Leap into 2024: Rory Byrne’s Masterful Influence on Project 676

Ferrari’s pursuit of Formula 1 glory in 2024 has taken an exciting turn with the return of legendary designer Rory Byrne. Known as Project 676, the car is set to feature groundbreaking changes, with 95% of its components being updated.

Key Takeaways:

  • Veteran Expertise: Rory Byrne, the architect behind Ferrari’s golden era, is heavily involved in developing Ferrari’s 2024 Formula 1 car, Project 676. This marks a significant move for Ferrari, as Byrne’s influence has historically led to unparalleled success for the team.
  • A New Direction: As Byrne approaches his 80th birthday, his involvement signals a possible radical shift from the previous model, the SF-23. This suggests Ferrari is willing to adopt a more audacious and innovative approach in the upcoming season.
  • Comprehensive Overhaul: Fred Vasseur, Ferrari’s Team Principal, has highlighted an extensive redesign of the vehicle. With an astonishing 95% of the car’s components being revamped, the team is poised for a substantial transformation in performance and design.

Ferrari’s latest venture into the 2024 Formula 1 season is shaping up to be a historical chapter in their illustrious racing history. The return of Rory Byrne, the mastermind behind Ferrari’s dominant phase between 1996 and 2006, has set the F1 world abuzz. Byrne’s return is not just a mere consultation but a deep engagement, particularly with the highly anticipated launch of Project 676, scheduled for February 13.

Byrne’s tenure at Ferrari has been synonymous with innovation and success. His designs led Ferrari to an era of dominance, making his input invaluable for the team. Post-2006, while in a consulting role, Byrne continued to influence Ferrari’s designs, including the 2022 and 2023 cars. His latest involvement, as reported by’s Spanish site via PlanetF1, indicates a hands-on approach for the upcoming season.

Adding to the excitement, Team Principal Fred Vasseur’s remarks during a recent Christmas dinner in Maranello highlighted the magnitude of the changes anticipated. Vasseur’s words resonate with a vision of revolution within the framework of existing regulations. His acknowledgment of the marginal gains needed in the sport and the decision to alter 95% of the car’s components underlines Ferrari’s commitment to a significant overhaul.

Vasseur stated, “Revolution – I don’t know if it is the right word because we have the same regulation now three years in a row that you can’t change massively the situation. Again, it’s a matter of tenths of seconds. It means it’s all 0.1 or 0.2% performance that we are looking for. It’s not five [percent]. For sure, we have to do a step. I don’t underestimate the step. We are changing 95% of the components of the car. Perhaps you can consider that it’s a revolution.”

The collaboration between Byrne and Ferrari for Project 676 could be a game-changer in the 2024 season. With Byrne’s legendary prowess and Ferrari’s ambition, the F1 community eagerly anticipates what this iconic team will bring to the track.

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