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FIA President Lauds Andretti Cadillac’s F1 Commitment as GM Gears Up for 2028 PU Launch

Cadillac’s confirmation of its own power unit (PU) introduction in 2028 marks a significant step in Andretti Cadillac’s F1 ambitions. FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem’s supportive remarks underscore the positive impact this move could have on the sport.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cadillac’s Ambitious F1 Move: General Motors, under its Cadillac brand, has announced its plan to introduce its own PU in Formula 1 by 2028. This development is a key step in the Andretti Cadillac partnership and GM’s deeper involvement in F1 racing.
  • FIA President’s Support: Mohammed Ben Sulayem, the FIA President, has publicly shown his support for the Andretti Cadillac F1 entry. His comment, “good for the sport,” indirectly addresses the reluctance of some within F1 to welcome the eleventh team on the grid.
  • The Road to F1 for Andretti Cadillac: While Andretti Cadillac has made significant progress by registering as a PU supplier and receiving FIA approval, there’s still hesitation from Formula 1 in fully embracing the sport’s potential eleventh team.

As Cadillac sets its sights on a monumental entry into Formula 1, the motorsport world is abuzz with reactions and implications. The recent announcement by General Motors, confirming its intention to introduce a Cadillac-branded power unit (PU) by 2028, is a game-changer for the Andretti Cadillac team. This strategic move into F1 marks a significant escalation of American involvement in a sport traditionally dominated by European entities.

The support from FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem is a vital endorsement for Andretti Cadillac. His comment, “good for the sport,” not only affirms the team’s efforts but also subtly critiques the Formula One Management (FOM) and other entities within the F1 community who have shown resistance to expanding the grid. Ben Sulayem’s stance reflects a broader vision for F1, emphasizing inclusivity and growth.

GM’s decision comes at a time when F1 is on the cusp of entering a new era with updated PU regulations set to take effect in 2026. Cadillac’s earlier expressions of interest in becoming a PU manufacturer hinged on its successful bid to join the F1 grid with Andretti Motorsport. Now, with this confirmation, they are on track to becoming a significant player in the sport.

GM President Mark Reuss expressed enthusiasm and confidence in this venture, stating, “We are thrilled that our new Andretti Cadillac F1 entry will be powered by a GM power unit. With our deep engineering and racing expertise, we’re confident we’ll develop a successful power unit for the series, and position Andretti Cadillac as a true works team. We will run with the very best, at the highest levels, with passion and integrity that will help elevate the sport for race fans around the world.”

The road to F1 for Andretti Cadillac, however, is not without its challenges. Despite receiving approval from the FIA, Formula 1 has yet to fully embrace the idea of an eleventh team. Red Bull principal Christian Horner’s prior comments about the necessity of an OEM team backing for Andretti now seem addressed with GM’s involvement. Yet, the acceptance within the F1 community remains tepid.

Ben Sulayem’s comments on social media further amplify this sentiment. He posted, “Delighted with the news that GM have registered as a PU supplier for FIA F1. This is a further endorsement of the FIA’s PU regulations. The presence of iconic American brands Andretti and GM is good for the sport.”

In conclusion, Cadillac’s commitment to F1 through Andretti Cadillac and the backing of General Motors marks a pivotal moment for the sport. While challenges remain, the support from key figures like the FIA President suggests a promising future for this ambitious endeavor. As Cadillac gears up for 2028, the motorsport community watches with anticipation, ready to witness how this venture reshapes the landscape of Formula 1.

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