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Formula 1 Expands Horizons: Vienna to Host Spectacular Second F1 Exhibition in 2024

Vienna, Austria, has been selected as the host city for the second official Formula 1 exhibition, following a highly successful inaugural event in Madrid. Scheduled to open in February 2024 at METAStadt Vienna, the exhibition will offer a unique mix of interactive displays, rare F1 footage, and historical artifacts.

Key Takeaways:

  • New Destination Unveiled: After Madrid’s overwhelming success, Formula 1 has chosen Vienna for its next exhibition, set to commence on February 2, 2024, at METAStadt Vienna, promising an extended run until late Spring.
  • Exclusive Content and Displays: The Vienna exhibition is poised to feature interactive audio-visual designs showcasing never-before-seen F1 clips and images, alongside iconic F1 artifacts and cars from various eras, including a special section dedicated to Romain Grosjean’s 2020 Bahrain GP crash.
  • High Expectations and Official Comments: Event lead curator Timothy Harvey and F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali express excitement over the exhibition’s expansion to Vienna, citing the city’s dynamic appeal and Austria’s rich F1 history. Ticket presales begin on October 23, with general sales starting October 25.

After the roaring success of the first Formula 1 exhibition in Madrid earlier this year, the high-adrenaline world of F1 is set to captivate fans in Vienna. Austria’s capital, known for its rich cultural tapestry, will now be adding the thrill of Formula 1 to its repertoire. The exhibition at METAStadt Vienna, starting from February 2, 2024, is not just a mere showcase but a deep dive into the sport’s vibrant history and future.

The exhibition is ingeniously designed to be more than just a visual treat. It promises an immersive experience with its unique interactive audio-visual setup. This setup will not only display rare F1 clips and images but also offer a tangible connection to the sport’s history through its display of iconic F1 artifacts and cars. A particularly poignant exhibit will be dedicated to Romain Grosjean’s harrowing Bahrain GP crash in 2020, offering a stark reminder of the sport’s risks and evolutions in safety.

Timothy Harvey, the event’s lead curator, reflected on the success in Madrid, stating, “We were thrilled and gratified by the level of success the exhibition received in Madrid.” He added, “The ambition has always been to bring this one-of-a-kind show to as many people as possible, and so we’re excited to announce the next stop on our European tour will be the dynamic city of Vienna. The Vienna exhibition will feature new displays and experiences for visitors.”

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali also shared his enthusiasm, remarking, “Following the success of our first Formula 1 Exhibition in Madrid, we are incredibly excited to announce Vienna as the second host of the innovative show.” He emphasized Austria’s significant connection with Formula 1 and the opportunity this exhibition presents for fans to engage with the sport’s rich history and heritage.

For fans eager to be part of this exclusive event, the ticket presale for registrants starts at 10 AM on October 23, followed by the general sale beginning at 10 AM on October 25. This exhibition is not just a celebration of Formula 1’s past but a testament to its growing global appeal and the ever-evolving spectacle of speed and innovation.

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