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Formula 1 Is Saving Lives And Fighting Back At COVID19

Although you may not have heard yet, there is a virus called COVID19 that is deadly, easily transmitted, and causing a shortage of ventilators in hospitals across the world.  In response to this, a few events have been cancelled or postponed in order to help slow the spread.  The United Kingdom has asked some of the worlds best engineers, and rapid manufacturing people to come up with a way to help people breathe during this crisis.  They went directly to the teams of Formula One.

When a Formula One team begins a season, they turn to their engineers.  When a racecar needs more downforce, they turn to their engineers.  When the engineers need a custom part to be made, immediately, they turn to their rapid prototyping team.  When the world needs ventilators, who better to answer the call than these amazingly brilliant men and women?

Engineers and manufacturing teams from Mercedes-AMG Patronas Formula One probably didn’t think that they’d be saving lives when the 2020 season began, but that is just what they’ve done.  When the UK government asked for help, they put their heads together and came up with something brilliant.

A Continuous Postitive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is a small device that helps people with sleep-apnea. (Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for a few seconds in your sleep)  Mercedes engineers have taken these machines that already help thousands of people, and redesigned them to be a kind of stop-gap measure in the fight against COVID19.  The UK has already taken 100 of these devices and rolled them out in hospitals to test their effectiveness.  The belief is that by using these new devices will help the people with moderate symptoms, thereby freeing up the use of ventilators for more serious cases.

During these crazy times, it’s nice to see people pulling together in the same direction.  Although we don’t get to see our favorite F1 teams traveling the world and battling for champagne showers on the podium, we are still getting to see some wins.

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