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Formula 1’s Awaited Verdict: FIA’s Cost Cap Decision Looms for 2022 Amidst Speculation

Scuderia Ferrari's Vasseur Expresses Trust as Formula 1 Teams Brace for September's Cost Cap Verdict

According to Frederic Vasseur, the team principal of Scuderia Ferrari, the eagerly awaited verdict on the FIA’s cost cap investigation for 2022 is anticipated to be delivered to Formula 1 teams at the outset of September. This announcement has sent ripples of curiosity and speculation throughout the motorsports community, as teams and fans alike brace themselves for potential revelations that could reshape the landscape of the sport.

In the backdrop of this impending decision, it’s worth revisiting the events of the previous year. The scrutiny fell heavily on Red Bull Racing, a dominant force in the Formula 1 arena. The breach of the cost cap limit in 2021 by Red Bull raised eyebrows and triggered a cascade of discussions on the effectiveness of penalties in maintaining financial fairness within the sport. Ultimately, Red Bull faced the music with a hefty $7 million fine, a financial repercussion that seemed, to many, somewhat lenient for a team that triumphantly shattered the cost cap threshold by an astounding $1.86 million.

“A penalty like last year really isn’t severe.

“If it should be necessary again, such a penalty should be much heavier.

“You have to keep in mind that a technical advantage will translate into a sporting advantage. Therefore, the penalty should be sporting and not a fine.

“In soccer, if you use a hand, it’s a penalty… they don’t give you a [non-sporting] penalty.

“The deduction of 10 per cent wind tunnel time is a big joke. They have already done most of the work by then.”

Critics, including Vasseur, didn’t hold back in voicing their skepticism over the impact of such punitive measures. Vasseur, in a candid conversation with Gazzetta Dello Sport, minced no words in expressing his reservations about the efficacy of the penalties imposed. He drew attention to the fact that teams, armed with prior knowledge of these financial consequences, might factor in the fine amount strategically within their budgets. This strategic calculus, he asserted, could embolden teams to deliberately surpass the cost cap limit, essentially turning a punishment into a tactical maneuver for their advantage.

The echoes of these sentiments still reverberate in the corridors of the Formula 1 fraternity. Fast forward to the present, and the anticipation builds for the release of the findings concerning potential breaches of the cost cap limit in 2022. The spotlight now turns to the FIA, as it bears the responsibility of naming the teams that may have transgressed the financial boundaries set by the regulations. It’s a moment that holds significance not only for the teams involved but for the overall integrity of the sport.

Frederic Vasseur’s unwavering trust in the FIA’s judgment is palpable. In an exclusive interview with, Vasseur’s demeanor spoke volumes. His implicit confidence in the regulatory body raises intriguing questions. Does Vasseur possess insider knowledge? Is there more to the 2022 cost cap saga than meets the eye? His keen anticipation for the revelations scheduled for the ‘beginning of September’ hints at the possibility that he might be privy to insights that remain concealed from the public eye.

“We had communication in July that the result of the investigation will come by the beginning of September or something like this – a matter of weeks.

“The plan was beginning of September.

“I fully trust the FIA on the fact that they’re doing the job and they will come with the results of the cost cap investigation with their plan at the beginning of September.” 

As the clock ticks closer to September, the Formula 1 world finds itself at the edge of its seat, awaiting the unveiling of the FIA’s pronouncement. The ramifications of this announcement could cascade through the teams, the paddock, and the global fanbase, potentially reshaping the financial landscape of the sport for years to come.

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