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Formula One Icon Mario Andretti Issues Caution Against Excessive American Races

The Legendary Driver Urges Balance Amid Growing Popularity of American Grands Prix

Former Formula One driver Mario Andretti, a distinguished figure in the motorsports realm, has issued a cautionary message to the stewards of F1 management regarding the proliferation of American races on the tightly-packed calendar.

The surge in Formula One’s popularity within the United States, catalyzed by the tremendous success of Netflix’s acclaimed series “Drive to Survive,” has manifested itself in the form of two recent additions to the grand prix roster – the exhilarating Miami and glamorous Las Vegas Grands Prix. These newly introduced races complement the time-honored institution of the Austin Grand Prix, which has held its esteemed place on the calendar for quite some time.

Nevertheless, as the allure of American races continues to captivate the hearts of fans and drivers alike, a deliberation ensues: should another American race be incorporated into the fabric of Formula One? The proposal has spurred a wave of conversation, characterized by divergent opinions. On one hand, fervent discussions about the prospective American races have clashed with the aspirations of other nations yearning for representation on the calendar. On the other hand, ardent enthusiasts of the sport have voiced their desire for the revival of the French or German Grand Prix.

In a recent exclusive interview conducted by, Mario Andretti, revered for his storied F1 career, lent his voice to the ongoing discourse. Andretti fervently urged Formula One Management to exercise discretion and caution in this endeavor, advising them not to “overdo it.” In a sagacious commentary, Andretti’s sentiments underscored the importance of striking a harmonious balance between tradition and novelty, ensuring that the essence of the sport remains intact amid these significant developments.

“I mean you can overdo it to some degree.

“As Formula 1, there is no other country on the planet that has three events, so let’s be happy with that and make the most of that.

“Don’t try to outdo yourself.”

The imminent arrival of the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix, scheduled for the captivating dates of 16th to 18th November, has sent waves of excitement rippling through the motorsports community. Distinguished by its unique feature of a night race on the illustrious Las Vegas Strip, this event is poised to make an indelible mark on the annals of Formula One. What’s more, the commitment to retaining this race on the calendar until the year 2032 bears the promise of substantial economic enrichment for the vibrant city of Las Vegas, amplifying the significance of this venture beyond the racetrack.

As the dialogue unfolds, Mario Andretti accentuates the considerable triumphs that the sport has achieved on American soil, invoking a sense of optimism and jubilation within the hearts of F1 enthusiasts across the nation. His assertion that there is “a lot to be rejoiced about as an F1 fan” resonates as a testament to the rapid expansion of Formula One’s footprint in America, underscoring the multifaceted appeal that has ignited an unprecedented fervor for the sport.

“I think the most positive part about that is it is an enormous financial commitment there having seized property downtown that will remain permanent for the years to come.

“It looks like the future is solid for that and that is very important because many of these street events come and go.

“But what they have in place in Las Vegas is not just for the weekend – this is solid.

“There is a lot to be rejoiced about as an F1 fan here.”

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