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Guenther Steiner Addresses Rumors of $900 Million Lawsuit, Affirms Haas F1 Team’s Focus on Racing

Behind the Scenes Drama? Steiner Sets the Record Straight as Haas Aims to Rev Up Its F1 Season

In the fast-paced world of Formula 1, where every turn of the wheel can make or break a team’s fortunes, rumors are often as common as pit stops. One recent rumor that sent shockwaves through the paddock involved Haas team chief Guenther Steiner and team owner Gene Haas. Allegations of friction behind the scenes, coupled with reports of a staggering $900 million lawsuit, had everyone talking.

At the heart of this reported controversy was a statement attributed to Steiner, dating back to an alleged 2016 agreement. According to these reports, Steiner had laid claim to a promised 50% stake in the Haas F1 Team’s division. However, Gene Haas vehemently contested this assertion. The financial stakes were nothing short of monumental; back then, the Haas F1 Team was purportedly valued at a jaw-dropping $900 million. If Steiner’s claim were to be validated, it would mean that he stood to miss out on a colossal $450 million if the team were to change hands.

But as the rumor mill churned and speculation reached a fever pitch, it was during the Italian Grand Prix weekend that F1 journalist Joe Saward decided to address the elephant in the room. With the world’s eyes on the American team and its potential internal strife, Saward approached Steiner, seeking answers. The Italian team chief’s response was as unexpected as it was candid.

“I think it had to be my passion project. I started this team. I went out and found an investor.”

Amidst the roaring engines and the adrenaline-fueled atmosphere of Monza, Steiner laughed off the rumors. With a nonchalant demeanor that belied the gravity of the situation, he simply stated, “There’s no truth to these rumors.” In that moment, the tension seemed to dissipate, replaced by the ever-present spirit of competition that defines Formula 1.

In the competitive landscape of Formula 1, where every point matters, Haas finds itself in the midst of a closely-fought battle. Currently occupying the eighth position in the constructors’ standings with 11 points, they stand ahead of Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri in ninth and tenth positions, with 10 and 3 points respectively. However, a 10-point gap separates Haas from Williams in seventh place, who boasts 21 points.

“I told Gene that I was supposed to be suing him for $900 million.

“And he said: ‘Good luck with that!’. Where do these stories come from? Who makes them up?”

But there’s more on the horizon for the Haas team. They are gearing up to introduce a B-Spec car at the Austin Grand Prix, a move that is anticipated to bring them more in line with the dominant Red Bull RB19. With the season still in full swing, there are plenty of twists and turns yet to come in the world of Formula 1. Haas, with its commitment to excellence and a resolve to put rumors to rest, is set to play its part in this thrilling racing saga.

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