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Haas Principal Guenther Steiner Embarks on a New Adventure with CBS Comedy Sitcom

In a groundbreaking move, Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner partners with CBS to produce a new American comedy sitcom. The show, inspired by Steiner’s persona, delves into the world of sports through the lens of a Steiner-like character.

Key Takeaways:

  • CBS’s New Project: CBS is developing a workplace comedy show with Guenther Steiner, who will serve as the non-writing executive producer. The show aims to capture the essence of sports, featuring a character resembling Steiner’s real-life persona.
  • Steiner’s Rise to Fame: Guenther Steiner gained recognition through Netflix’s ‘Drive To Survive’ documentary, known for his straightforward, no-nonsense approach and memorable phrases, which have become popular among fans.
  • Steiner’s Motorsport Journey: Steiner’s motorsport career spans various roles, from a rally mechanic to the director of engineering for Ford’s World Rally Team. He has been leading the Haas F1 Team since 2014, marking significant achievements including a fifth-place finish in the Constructors’ Championship in 2018.

The world of Formula 1 is brimming with excitement as Haas Team Principal Guenther Steiner takes on a new venture in the entertainment industry. In collaboration with CBS, Steiner is set to produce a workplace comedy sitcom, stepping into the role of a non-writing executive producer.

This upcoming series is not just any show; it’s a unique blend of sports and humor, featuring a character inspired by Steiner’s own life. Steiner, who shot to fame with his appearance in Netflix’s ‘Drive To Survive’, is known for his candid demeanor and unforgettable phrases. His style, often captured on the show, resonated with fans globally, leading to his phrases being immortalized on merchandise.

In his candid interview with The Independent, Steiner remarked, “I’m not good at acting, I just do my job and if they film it all that’s fine. It’s all very transparent. We sometimes make a meal of things but very rarely. It’s real. I think people like the honesty too.” This statement highlights Steiner’s commitment to authenticity, a trait that undoubtedly will be mirrored in the sitcom’s main character.

Steiner’s journey in motorsports is as remarkable as his forthcoming TV project. Starting as a rally mechanic, he climbed up the ranks to hold pivotal roles in various racing teams. His tenure as the director of engineering for Ford’s World Rally Team and his significant contributions to Haas F1 Team, including the team’s best performance in 2018, are testaments to his dedication and skill in the field.

Reflecting on his role in F1, Steiner told, “This is not a job. If you do it for the money, there are a lot of jobs which pay you more that you don’t have to work as hard at. So it needs to be a passion, you need to be interested and really like it otherwise there’s no point, you’d come here and be leaving in a few years.” These words not only encapsulate his passion for motorsport but also hint at the kind of spirit he is likely to bring to his new role in television.

As fans of both Formula 1 and comedy gear up for this unique crossover, it’s clear that Steiner’s journey from the racetrack to the television screen is set to be an exhilarating one, combining the high-octane world of motorsports with the infectious charm of comedy.

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