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Headline: F1 News: Red Bull RB20 Could Be “A Little Joke” According To Pundit

Red Bull’s unveiling of the RB20 with Mercedes-inspired sidepods has sparked speculation about its true intentions for the upcoming season.

Key Takeaways:

  • Red Bull’s presentation of the RB20, featuring Mercedes-styled sidepods, raises questions about the car’s design and potential testing strategies during pre-season testing.
  • Sky F1 presenter Bernie Collins suggests skepticism about the RB20 unveiled on February 15, speculating that it might be a decoy, and anticipates the actual 2024 title contender to be revealed during pre-season testing in Bahrain, adding intrigue to the qualifying sessions.
  • The possibility of Red Bull testing the design approach of the Mercedes W14, which incorporated similar changes last year, introduces uncertainty about the Milton Keynes team’s strategy and performance goals.

Red Bull Racing caused quite a stir in the Formula 1 community with the unveiling of their 2024 RB20 car, featuring sidepods seemingly inspired by Mercedes’ design from the previous season. This unexpected move by Red Bull has led to speculation regarding the true nature of the RB20 and its potential impact on the upcoming season.

Sky F1 presenter Bernie Collins expressed her uncertainty about Red Bull’s intentions, suggesting that the RB20 unveiled on February 15 might not be the car they intend to test during the pre-season sessions in Bahrain. Collins speculated on the possibility of the RB20 being a decoy, teasing the potential unveiling of the true 2024 title contender during testing.

In a recent discussion on the Sky F1 Podcast, Collins shared her skepticism:

“I think maybe years in F1 have made me suspicious. So let’s see the car [RB20] that rolls out on Day One in Bahrain because I’m not sure it’s going to be that car. This could just be a little joke.”

Collins raised concerns about the risk Red Bull might be taking with the RB20 design. She pondered whether Red Bull might have fallen into the same trap that Mercedes encountered in 2022 with their W14 car, which incorporated significant design changes aimed at gaining an advantage but ultimately faced challenges in performance.

“If they do rock up with that car, then it’s a brave, brave move because they could have easily continued to develop the car they had. That would have been, I think, the safer bet.”

Collins questioned whether Red Bull’s decision to adopt a design reminiscent of Mercedes’ W14 indicates a miscalculation in simulation data or a deliberate effort to explore new performance avenues. She emphasized the significance of Bahrain qualifying in shedding light on Red Bull’s true strategy and the potential implications for the upcoming season.

As the motorsport world eagerly awaits the start of pre-season testing in Bahrain, all eyes will be on Red Bull Racing to see whether the RB20 lives up to its initial unveiling or if there’s more to the story behind this intriguing design choice.

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