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In the Wake of Previous Challenges, Carlos Sainz Offers Insights into the SF-23’s Performance Issues as Ferrari Prepares for the Singapore Grand Prix

Sainz remains hopeful, citing recent changes as a potential boost to the team's chances.

As the Formula 1 season unfolds, the Scuderia Ferrari team finds itself at a crossroads, facing the daunting prospect of the Singapore Grand Prix. Carlos Sainz, one of the team’s key drivers, recently shed light on the SF-23’s performance woes following their trials at the Circuit Zandvoort. While challenges abound, Sainz remains hopeful, alluding to recent changes that may just give Ferrari the competitive edge they need.

Zandvoort Performance:

The Circuit Zandvoort posed a significant challenge for the Ferrari team. Despite Carlos Sainz’s valiant efforts resulting in a commendable fifth-place finish, the overall sentiment within the Scuderia camp was one of disappointment. Their struggles were further highlighted by Charles Leclerc’s unfortunate crash during qualifying, which ultimately led to his premature exit from the race.

Opting for Maximum Downforce in Singapore:

Drawing from their experiences at Zandvoort, Ferrari is gearing up to make strategic adjustments for the upcoming Singapore Grand Prix. Carlos Sainz indicated that valuable lessons have been learned, and the team is now focusing on utilizing the maximum downforce package. These changes are aimed at enhancing the SF-23’s performance and elevating Ferrari’s competitive standing in the Formula 1 circuit.

Beyond the Rear Wing:

However, it’s important to note that the challenges Ferrari faces extend beyond the realm of the rear wing. Sainz emphasized that the issues are more complex and encompass the car’s overall characteristics. The iconic street circuit in Singapore is notorious for demanding a high downforce setup, making it imperative for Ferrari to fine-tune every aspect of their vehicle’s performance.

Reflecting on the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort, Ferrari’s struggles were palpable. Charles Leclerc’s unfortunate crash during qualifying and subsequent race withdrawal due to extensive car damage served as stark reminders of the team’s ongoing challenges. While Sainz managed to secure a respectable fifth-place finish amid the chaos, he openly admitted that the team’s speed had been compromised. In his estimation, Ferrari found themselves ranking sixth or seventh in terms of overall performance.

“We did actually learn some very interesting stuff about how our car performs on that sort of track and what our high downforce wing is doing.” 

However, Carlos Sainz offers a glimmer of hope for the impending Singapore Grand Prix. During a recent drivers’ press conference, he expressed optimism about the team’s reflections and subsequent adjustments. He stated, “And hopefully for this weekend, we found a better solution than in Zandvoort, and it can give us a bit more performance.”

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