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Jessica Hawkins’ Historic F1 Test with Aston Martin: Breaking New Ground for Women in Motorsport

Jessica Hawkins has made history as the first woman since 2018 to test a Formula 1 car, demonstrating remarkable skill and determination with the Aston Martin team in Budapest. This landmark event marks a significant progression for women in the high-speed world of motorsports, linking directly to our headline’s focus on Hawkins’ groundbreaking achievement.

Key Takeaways:

  • Historic Test Drive: Jessica Hawkins joined Aston Martin as a driver ambassador in 2021 and has since progressed from simulator training to testing the team’s 2021 car at the Hungaroring, showcasing her skill and dedication.
  • Challenging Conditions Overcome: Despite adverse weather and a green track, Hawkins successfully completed 26 laps, displaying her adaptability and resilience under challenging circumstances.
  • Praise from Aston Martin Officials: Robert Sattler and Mike Krack, high-ranking officials at Aston Martin, commended Hawkins for her impressive performance and professional attitude during the test, indicating potential future opportunities for her in the sport.

Jessica Hawkins’ ascent in the world of Formula 1 racing has been nothing short of meteoric. Starting her journey with Aston Martin in 2021, she quickly adapted to the demands of high-level racing. Her tireless effort in the simulator laid a solid foundation for what was to come. Finally, her skills were put to the test at the renowned Hungaroring circuit, where she drove the team’s 2021 car alongside test and reserve driver Felipe Drugovich. Overcoming the challenges posed by unpredictable weather, Hawkins completed a commendable 26 laps, an achievement that did not go unnoticed by the team’s top brass.

In a press release, Hawkins expressed her gratitude and excitement, highlighting the journey that led her to this point. She said, “I want to say a big thank you to everyone at AMF1 Team for having the trust in me, believing in me, and for giving me this opportunity… Nothing will compare to the acceleration and braking of a Formula One car and, having looked at the data, I’m really proud of my performance.”

Robert Sattler praised Hawkins’ adaptability and technical understanding under challenging conditions, stating, “Jessica progressively built up speed on a tricky track while managing flawlessly the complexity of the AMR21 car. Her feedback was precise and correlated with our data.” Team principal Mike Krack recognized Hawkins’ meticulous preparation, noting her rapid adaptation to the demands of the test and her overall mature approach.

This event is not just a personal achievement for Jessica Hawkins; it represents a significant stride forward for women in motorsport. Her success demonstrates the potential for increased female participation in this traditionally male-dominated field. As Hawkins continues to push boundaries, her journey stands as an inspiration for aspiring female racers everywhere, reinforcing the message that with hard work and dedication, no dream is too big.

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