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Kevin Magnussen Pays Tribute as Guenther Steiner Bids Farewell to Haas F1 Team

In a recent turn of events, Haas F1 team principal Guenther Steiner has left the team, with Kevin Magnussen expressing gratitude for Steiner’s significant impact on his career. This development marks a new chapter for Haas, as they strive for consistent performance and improved engineering under new leadership.

Key Takeaways:

  • Guenther Steiner, instrumental in Haas F1’s establishment and development since 2016, has stepped down from his position as team principal.
  • Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 driver, has publicly thanked Steiner, highlighting his pivotal role in Magnussen’s return to the team in 2022 after a brief absence.
  • Gene Haas, the team’s owner, acknowledged Steiner’s contributions to the team and emphasized the importance of consistent performance and advancements in design and engineering for the team’s future.

The Formula 1 world was taken by surprise with the announcement of Guenther Steiner’s departure from the Haas F1 team. Steiner, who played a critical role in the establishment and progress of Haas since its inception in 2016, has been a prominent figure in the sport, known for his experience and expertise. His journey with Haas began following his stints with Jaguar and Red Bull, and under his stewardship, the team emerged as the first American-led F1 team in 30 years, earning a reputation for their practical approach and competitiveness.

Kevin Magnussen’s response to Steiner’s exit was heartfelt. Magnussen, who first joined Haas in 2017 and experienced a brief hiatus before returning in 2022, took to social media to express his gratitude. Magnussen’s return was a significant move by Steiner, especially considering the last-minute decision following the departure of Nikita Mazepin. In his message, Magnussen wrote:

“Thanks, Günther. Thanks for taking me on the journey in 2017 and thanks for bringing me on board again in 2022. It has been both fun and tremendously challenging – but never boring. So long and all the best.”

The team’s owner, Gene Haas, also took the opportunity to acknowledge Steiner’s decade-long dedication to the team. Haas’s statement reflects a forward-looking approach, emphasizing the need for consistent results and an improved design and engineering focus. With the appointment of Ayao Komatsu as the new Team Principal, Haas aims to place engineering at the core of their management strategy, a shift that indicates their dedication to achieving greater success in the sport. Haas stated:

“I’d like to start by extending my thanks to Guenther Steiner for all his hard work over the past decade and I wish him well for the future. Moving forward as an organization, it was clear we need to improve our on-track performances. In appointing Ayao Komatsu as Team Principal, we fundamentally have engineering at the heart of our management. We have had some successes, but we need to be consistent in delivering results that help us reach our wider goals as an organization. We need to be efficient with the resources we have but improving our design and engineering capability is key to our success as a team. I’m looking forward to working with Ayao and fundamentally ensuring that we maximize our potential – this truly reflects my desire to compete properly in Formula 1.”

This change at Haas F1 Team signals a new era, one where the focus shifts to a more engineering-driven approach, aiming for consistent performance and strategic development in the competitive world of Formula 1.

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