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Lewis Hamilton Labeled “Single Superstar” by Former Mercedes Chief Norbert Haug in Warning to Team

Norbert Haug, former head of motorsport at Mercedes, issues a stark warning to the team about the departure of Lewis Hamilton after the 2024 season, highlighting the significance of Hamilton’s role beyond just being an F1 driver.

Key Takeaways:

  • Norbert Haug warns Mercedes of significant losses post-2024 with Lewis Hamilton’s departure.
  • Hamilton’s departure marks more than just losing a world-class F1 driver; he’s regarded as an icon who will be well-received by Ferrari.
  • Hamilton’s advocacy for diversity and inclusivity, along with his charitable ventures, sets him apart as a true superstar.

In a surprising turn of events, former head of Mercedes motorsport, Norbert Haug, has issued a warning to the team regarding the departure of Lewis Hamilton after the 2024 season. Haug emphasized that Hamilton’s exit would signify more than just losing a skilled driver; it would mean parting ways with a sporting icon. Haug highlighted the significance of Hamilton’s contributions both on and off the track, suggesting that his departure would leave a notable void within the team.

Haug’s remarks come in response to Hamilton’s announcement earlier this month, revealing his decision to leave Mercedes at the end of 2024 and join Ferrari for the 2025 season. The veteran driver expressed his lifelong dream of racing for the Maranello outfit, signaling a significant shift in the Formula 1 landscape.

Beyond his exceptional performances on race day, Hamilton’s advocacy for diversity, inclusivity, and equal opportunity has garnered widespread recognition. Haug pointed to Hamilton’s charitable foundation, Mission 44, as a testament to his commitment to social causes. The foundation aims to foster inclusivity in education, support STEM initiatives, and empower young individuals from diverse backgrounds.

In an interview with, Haug elaborated on the impact of Hamilton’s departure, stating, “He’s perfect for me. I mean, what signs has he made in Formula 1? Why do they say Formula 1 has a single superstar? Of course, Verstappen is the fastest, he matures. But all the statements that Lewis makes, his performances, his occupation off the track, his fight for equal treatment – both of genders and colors. That’s quite remarkable.”

Despite Hamilton’s impending departure, Haug expressed his surprise at the decision, noting, “If there was one combination in Formula 1 that I would have bet on lasting for eternity, it would have been Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.”

Highlighting Hamilton’s physical prowess, Haug emphasized his fitness despite nearing the age of 40, suggesting that age is not a limiting factor for the seasoned driver. He remarked, “It takes a lot more effort at 40 than at 20. But they [Formula 1] have many drivers who are physically fitter at 30 than at 20 because they recognize the need and because they know how to feed themselves.”

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