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Lewis Hamilton Stresses the Strength of His Past Teammates in a Subtle Critique of Verstappen’s Co-Drivers

In a recent interview, Lewis Hamilton subtly critiqued Max Verstappen’s teammate, Sergio Perez, by contrasting the strength of his own past teammates with Perez’s performance. Hamilton’s comparison underscores his belief in the greater challenges he faced from his co-drivers, as compared to Verstappen’s current scenario with Red Bull.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hamilton’s Subtle Snub to Perez: Lewis Hamilton, speaking to Sky Italia, subtly downplayed Sergio Perez’s impact as Max Verstappen’s teammate. He compared his own experience with strong teammates like Bottas, Russell, Rosberg, and Button, suggesting that Verstappen’s journey has been easier due to less internal competition in his team.
  • Hamilton’s Opinion on Verstappen’s Success: The Mercedes driver expressed that the narrative around Verstappen’s success, particularly in comparison to Perez’s performance, has been exaggerated. Hamilton reflected on his past and felt that his own achievements, even when significantly outperforming his teammates, did not receive similar recognition.
  • Future Prospects for Hamilton and Mercedes: With Hamilton considering a two-year contract extension and Mercedes planning upgrades for the W15 F1 car, the dynamic of the rivalry between Hamilton and Verstappen could evolve further, bringing a new level of competition to F1.

In a candid interview ahead of the Italian Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton shared his thoughts with Sky Italia, offering insights into his view of the F1 world and his competitors. A key focal point of his commentary was a comparison between the teammates he has faced in his illustrious career and those of his rival, Max Verstappen. Hamilton, with a touch of subtlety, pointed out that his journey in F1 involved going head-to-head with some of the sport’s most formidable co-drivers, naming Valtteri Bottas, George Russell, Nico Rosberg, and Jenson Button.

This comparison implicitly suggested that Sergio Perez, the current co-driver of championship leader Max Verstappen, does not bring the same level of competition. Hamilton’s implication is clear: Verstappen’s current success might be partly due to a lack of strong internal competition at Red Bull.

Hamilton’s views on Verstappen’s success extend beyond mere team dynamics. He expressed that the media narrative surrounding Verstappen tends to exaggerate his accomplishments, especially when compared to Perez. Reflecting on his own career, Hamilton recalled times when his significant leads over teammates like Valtteri Bottas did not generate the same media hype as Verstappen’s current performances.

However, Hamilton acknowledges the strength of the Red Bull team as a whole, complimenting their performance, consistency, and strategy. Yet, his main argument centers on the internal team dynamics and how they contrast with his experiences.

As the F1 world looks forward, the potential extension of Hamilton’s contract with Mercedes and the introduction of the upgraded W15 car next year could mark a turning point in the Hamilton-Verstappen rivalry. This potential change in dynamics might bring a new edge to their competition, further intensifying one of F1’s most captivating rivalries.

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