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Lewis Hamilton’s F1 Movie Stalls Amid Hollywood Labor Disputes, Awaiting Resumption

The anticipated Formula One movie, co-produced by Lewis Hamilton, has hit a snag due to labor-related issues in Hollywood. The production, featuring Brad Pitt and under the direction of Joseph Kosinski, is expected to resume next year, as shared by Sky F1’s Ted Kravitz.

Key Takeaways:

  • Production Delay: The film, a collaborative effort with Jerry Bruckheimer and Lewis Hamilton, has encountered a temporary halt. The ongoing dispute involving the Actors’ Guild in Hollywood has affected the movie’s production schedule, with a resumption anticipated upon resolution.
  • Involvement of F1 Community: Formula 1 drivers got a glimpse of the early footage at a briefing, showcasing the industry’s interest in the project. The film’s association with the F1 world is further highlighted by Brad Pitt’s appearance at the British Grand Prix in an F2-spec car resembling an F1 vehicle.
  • Broadcast and Cast Details: The movie, set to be released on Apple TV, is yet unnamed. It stars Brad Pitt and British actor Damson Idris, who were both present at the F1 drivers’ briefing in Silverstone. A special garage was set up for them, featuring the colors of the fictional team APXGP.

Lewis Hamilton’s foray into film production has generated significant buzz in the Formula One community and beyond. The movie, co-produced by the F1 star, aims to bring the thrilling world of Formula One racing to the big screen. Brad Pitt takes on the lead role, with Hamilton focusing on behind-the-scenes operations. Notably, Pitt was spotted filming at the British Grand Prix, driving a car resembling an F1 vehicle but built to F2 specifications.

The project, however, has faced challenges. Ted Kravitz of Sky F1 provided insights into the situation during a segment at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. He stated, “Jerry Bruckheimer, with the Lewis Hamilton co-produced movie, is kind of on hiatus while the Actors’ Guild continue their arguments with the big studios. But it looks like it is going to resume as soon as that is sorted out.” This pause is attributed to the ongoing labor disputes within Hollywood, impacting the film industry at large.

Kravitz further commented, “It was an opportunity, as I understand it, for Joseph Kosinski who was also here this weekend, the director (Bruckheimer is the producer, Hamilton co-producer), to actually show the drivers and everybody in Formula 1 that this is still a project that is ongoing despite the actors’ strike and now the writers’ strike has been concluded successfully with an agreement on both sides.” The commitment to the project remains steadfast, with key figures in the F1 world, including drivers, being kept in the loop.

The film, yet to be titled, has gained a unique place in the F1 community, especially after the involvement of Pitt and Idris at the F1 drivers’ briefing. Their presence, along with a dedicated garage set up for them, underscores the film’s deep connection with the sport. While the Hollywood labor disputes have put a temporary hold on production, the anticipation for this movie continues to grow, promising to bring the high-octane world of Formula One racing to audiences worldwide.

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