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Martin Brundle Reflects on Red Bull’s Decision-Making: The Impact of Alex Albon’s Performance in F1 2023

In the wake of the Mexican Grand Prix, former F1 driver and commentator Martin Brundle has voiced his opinion on Red Bull’s driver decisions, particularly regarding Alex Albon. Brundle suggests Red Bull might regret not having Albon, who is currently demonstrating significant progress with Williams.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Alex Albon’s Consistent Performance: Alex Albon has been steadily accumulating points, showing a marked improvement in his performance. His ability to secure back-to-back point finishes has made him a key figure in this F1 season, demonstrating his potential as a valuable asset for any team.
  2. Sergio Perez’s Uncertain Future at Red Bull: Despite having a contract, the recent struggles of Sergio Perez have raised questions about his future with Red Bull. The situation emphasizes the necessity for teams to have two robust drivers, especially with the competitive nature of upcoming seasons.
  3. The Significance of Team Support: Martin Brundle emphasized the importance of a supportive team environment for a driver’s success. He noted Albon’s comfort and growth at Williams and suggested that Red Bull might wish they still had him, particularly in light of the recent challenges faced by Perez.

Martin Brundle, a respected figure in the F1 community, shared his thoughts following the Mexican Grand Prix. He discussed the trajectory of Alex Albon’s career, particularly his time with Red Bull and his current stint at Williams. Brundle’s commentary highlighted Albon’s impressive journey from P2 in Friday’s practice to P14 in the second session, and eventually finishing ninth in the Grand Prix. This performance was instrumental in helping Williams defend their position in the Constructors’ Standings.

Brundle commented on the importance of a nurturing team environment, stating, “It’s the stick and the carrot – some drivers do need an arm round their shoulder and reassurance and to be listened to carefully and to feel they’re valued within a team. I bet Red Bull wish they still had access to him.” This insight sheds light on the delicate balance teams must strike between pushing their drivers and providing support.

Albon’s F1 career has been a rollercoaster. Starting with Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) in 2019, he moved to Red Bull mid-season, only to be demoted to a reserve and test driver role by 2021, replaced by Sergio Perez. Perez’s recent collision with Charles Leclerc, which ended his race in Mexico, has reignited discussions about his position at Red Bull.

Regarding Perez, Brundle said, “There’s a question of, there is a contract and Red Bull want him in the car, he wants to be in the car, Formula 1 need him in the car, just look at this place. Everybody wants that to work apart from a handful of racing drivers who fancy his seat.”

In his conclusion, Brundle presented a balanced view of Perez’s future, suggesting that he will likely remain with Red Bull for the next season. He emphasized, “On balance, if I had to put money on it right now I would say he will be in the Red Bull next year and he will be at this race next year in a Red Bull. That would be my position right now. My goodness, he does need some decent races in these last handful.” This statement encapsulates the ongoing debate within the F1 community about the dynamic within the Red Bull team and the future of its drivers.

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