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Max Verstappen Critiques F1 Super Licence Fee Structure After Record Fee Imposed

In the wake of an unparalleled season, Max Verstappen faces an extraordinary Super Licence fee for 2024, sparking debate over the FIA’s fee system. Despite Red Bull covering the cost, Verstappen calls for a reassessment of the fee structure to ensure fairness across the grid.

Key Takeaways:

  • Super Licence Costs: The formula for Super Licence fees results in Max Verstappen facing a record fee of €1,217,900 for 2024, derived from a base fee plus €2,100 per point earned in the previous season.
  • Red Bull’s Responsibility: Verstappen, in an interview with Viaplay, confirmed that his team, Red Bull, will bear this significant financial burden, a common practice in Formula 1.
  • Call for Change: Citing the substantial fee disparity, especially compared to newcomers like Logan Sargeant, Verstappen advocates for a more balanced and rational fee calculation system.

Max Verstappen’s recent commentary has shone a light on the financial aspects of competing in Formula 1, especially regarding the FIA’s Super Licence. His phenomenal success in the 2023 season, which included winning 19 out of 22 races and securing his third World Championship, has led to an unprecedented licence fee for the 2024 season. This fee, calculated based on the number of points a driver scores, has reached the highest level since the implementation of this rule.

What stands out in this scenario is Verstappen’s confirmation that Red Bull Racing will absorb the cost of this hefty fee. This practice, where the team pays the Super Licence fee, is not unusual in the world of Formula 1 and reflects the financial responsibilities teams often undertake for their drivers.

However, the disparity in licence fees among drivers is significant. For instance, Logan Sargeant, a newcomer to the sport, faces a fee that is merely a fraction of what Verstappen has been charged. This vast difference has prompted Verstappen to voice his concerns about the current fee structure. He believes that there should be a more rational approach to calculating these fees, considering that the current system was not designed to accommodate such high point totals. In his words, Verstappen emphasized the need for a normal ratio in fee calculation and expressed his surprise at the unforeseen high point scores leading to such substantial fees. This statement and his call for change highlight an area of Formula 1’s financial structure that might need reevaluation to maintain fairness and sustainability for all competitors.

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