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Max Verstappen’s Candid Take on the Las Vegas GP: Focus on Sport, Not Spectacle

In a recent interview, Max Verstappen expressed his lukewarm feelings towards the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, emphasizing his focus on the race over the event’s glitz and glamour. Despite the massive preparations for Formula 1’s return to Vegas, Verstappen remains committed to his performance, undistracted by the hype.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Las Vegas Grand Prix’s Hype and Preparations: As Formula 1 gears up for its first race in Las Vegas since 1985, the city has undergone significant transformations. The race, set to take place amidst the city’s famous lights and glamour at night, has sparked widespread excitement. However, Red Bull driver Max Verstappen views the event as more of a spectacle than a sporting challenge.
  • Verstappen’s Straightforward Approach: Speaking to, Verstappen revealed his straightforward attitude towards the race. He plans to “do his thing and be gone,” focusing more on the racing aspect rather than the surrounding show. His comments reflect a racer’s pure passion for the sport, undeterred by external attractions.
  • Uncertainties and Challenges of the New Track: The Las Vegas GP presents new challenges with its unfamiliar track, which even Verstappen hasn’t fully mastered in simulations. The night race, combined with low temperatures and unknown track grip, could lead to surprising outcomes, adding an element of unpredictability to the event.

Max Verstappen’s approach to the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix is refreshingly candid and focused. In an era where Formula 1 races are often as much about the spectacle as the sport, Verstappen’s comments to shed light on the mindset of a driver who prioritizes performance over pageantry. “First of all, we are there more for the show than the race itself, looking at the layout of the circuit,” he said, highlighting his perception of the event’s focus.

His pragmatic attitude is further evident when he discusses his preparation, or the lack thereof, for the new circuit. Admitting to not knowing the track well and having difficulties in simulations, Verstappen’s honesty is a breath of fresh air in the often PR-driven world of Formula 1. This openness extends to his views on the race’s potential impact on the sport. When questioned about the value the Las Vegas GP adds to Formula 1, his response is layered: “It depends for whom and for what. In terms of racing spectacle, maybe not, but maybe in terms of potential partners for F1, and the whole show around it – but again, I’m not into it.”

The Las Vegas Grand Prix, with its night-time setting and the backdrop of the city’s famous lights, promises to be a visual feast. Yet, for racers like Verstappen, the true test lies on the track, navigating the challenges of a new circuit under unique conditions. His focus remains unwaveringly on the sport itself, a reminder of the core of Formula 1 amidst the growing extravagance of its global events.

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