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Maya Weug Confirmed for 2024 F1 Academy with Ferrari Livery: A Rising Star’s Journey

Ferrari has confirmed that Maya Weug will drive for them in the 2024 F1 Academy with Prema Racing. The 19-year-old’s continuation in the prestigious academy underlines her growing stature in the motorsport world, stemming from her karting success and performance in European Formula Regional championships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Maya Weug’s Racing Background: Maya Weug, who started racing at age seven, has a multicultural background with Spanish, Dutch, and Belgian roots. Her early success in karting and the significant win in the “Girls on Track – Rising Stars” programme led to her single-seater racing debut.
  • Ferrari and Prema Racing Partnership: Maya’s journey with the Scuderia Ferrari Driver Academy began in 2021. Her upcoming season in the F1 Academy, where she will race with Prema Racing, is a testament to her talent and the strong partnership between Ferrari and Prema in nurturing young racing talents.
  • Weug’s Ambition and Preparation: Expressing her excitement to represent Ferrari, Maya is diligently preparing for the F1 Academy with both the Ferrari Driver Academy and Prema Racing. Her ambition is to be a frontrunner in the upcoming season.

Maya Weug’s ascent in the world of motorsports is nothing short of remarkable. Her racing journey, which began at a very young age, quickly distinguished her in the competitive arena of karting. This early phase of her career set the foundation for her future successes, culminating in her noteworthy entry into single-seater racing. This significant step was made possible by her victory in the “Girls on Track – Rising Stars” programme, which showcased her potential and drive to succeed in a sport that demands both talent and determination.

Joining the Scuderia Ferrari Driver Academy in 2021 marked a pivotal moment in Maya’s career. Aligning herself with one of the most iconic names in motorsport, Ferrari, Maya has continued to hone her skills and demonstrate her prowess, particularly noted during her time in the European Formula Regional championship. This progression is a clear indication of her rising status in the racing community.

As she gears up for the 2024 F1 Academy championship with Prema Racing, Maya finds herself in an enviable position. Prema Racing’s reputation for fostering young talent provides the perfect platform for Maya to further her career and continue her upward trajectory in motorsports. Her participation in the F1 Academy is a strategic move, aligning with her personal goals and Ferrari’s commitment to nurturing future racing stars.

Maya’s enthusiasm for the upcoming season is evident in her statement: “I’m really excited to start racing this season. I’m sure that working with the highly regarded Prema team will be an interesting experience. It’s a great honour for me to continue to represent Ferrari this year, especially on such an interesting platform like the F1 Academy. Now, I’m preparing hard with the Scuderia Ferrari Driver Academy and Prema, with the aim of being a frontrunner this season.” This quote perfectly encapsulates her ambition and readiness for the challenges ahead, making her one to watch in the 2024 season.

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