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Pierre Gasly Determined for a Comeback after FP2 Crash at Japanese Grand Prix

In a surprising turn of events, Pierre Gasly encountered a challenging crash during the second practice session ahead of the Japanese Grand Prix. Despite this setback, he remains optimistic about his performance in the upcoming sessions, as he navigates the hurdles of tyre wear and seeks to improve his team’s standings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gasly’s crash in the final moments of FP2 at Suzuka caused a premature end to the session, necessitating significant repair work by his Alpine team.
  • Despite struggling with tyre wear issues and recording one of the slower times, Gasly echoed concerns similar to those of other drivers and is focused on overcoming these challenges.
  • Gasly and his team are hopeful for a strong showing in the upcoming qualifying sessions, despite a tough start, thanks to promising improvements between FP1 and FP2.

Pierre Gasly’s day at the Suzuka circuit was marked by a dramatic incident during the second free practice session. A miscalculation at the second Degner corner led to a lock-up, sending Gasly’s car sliding into the barriers. Reflecting on the incident, Gasly said, “I just lost the front slightly and I could not correct it in time and that meant we slid through the gravel and into the barrier. We will learn from it and move on.” His determination to overcome this obstacle was evident.

Prior to this accident, Gasly’s performance was not at its best. He recorded only the second slowest time of the day and struggled to break into the top 10. The challenge of tyre wear was a significant factor, as he highlighted: “The tyres are quite challenging and it’s something we’ll certainly aim to get on top of ready for the rest of the weekend.”

Gasly’s teammate, Esteban Ocon, also had difficulties, yet the competitive nature of the field was underscored by the small time difference between Gasly, in 19th place, and Sergio Perez in ninth. Gasly’s outlook remained positive as he noted, “At this stage of the race weekend, I would say we have some work to do and I’m sure there’s more to come from us.”

Despite the hurdles faced by the Alpine team, Gasly’s comments indicated a forward-looking strategy. He acknowledged some progress from the first to the second practice session, suggesting a potential for improvement: “We also saw some good improvements from FP1 to FP2, and we put in some competitive lap times in the afternoon session.”

Gasly ended with a statement that combined optimism with a recognition of the challenges ahead: “We have some work to do overnight and hopefully we can be in a good position tomorrow to have another strong qualifying.” His commitment and resilience signal a potential turnaround in the team’s fortunes as they gear up for the next phase of the Grand Prix.

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