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Pierre Gasly Optimistic About French Grand Prix’s Return to Formula 1

The French driver shares his hopes and commitment to bringing back this historic race.

Pierre Gasly has expressed his enthusiasm and hopes regarding the potential comeback of the French Grand Prix. This exciting revelation comes in the wake of F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali’s statement, indicating a reevaluation of the need for two Italian races, which could potentially pave the way for the return of this historic race or even the introduction of a new one in the near future. Gasly’s sentiments echo the sentiments of many fans who have longed for the French Grand Prix’s return and have made their voices heard on various social media platforms. It’s worth noting that the last time this prestigious event graced the F1 calendar was in 2022, held at the renowned Paul Ricard circuit.

In an exclusive interview arranged by Binance with F1 Briefings, Gasly shared his aspirations for the French Grand Prix’s revival. He candidly expressed, “I’m truly excited about the possibility of the French Grand Prix returning to the Formula 1 circuit. It holds a special place in my heart, being my home race, and I know how much it means to the French fans. The atmosphere and passion they bring to the event are unparalleled.”

Gasly went on to emphasize his commitment to this cause, stating, “I’ll continue to have conversations with Mr. Domenicali whenever the opportunity arises. It’s crucial for us as drivers to advocate for the races we care about, and the French Grand Prix is definitely one of them. The history and tradition associated with it make it an event that shouldn’t be absent from the F1 calendar.”

“I’m not going to lie, I was sad when I saw the French Grand Prix wasn’t going to be on the calendar. It’s just such a unique experience to be able to race in your home country in front of your home crowd.

“It is a unique feeling which I was lucky to experience because I know some French F1 drivers didn’t have a home race for most of their career before that. I will definitely be the happiest if it does come back into the calendar and just being able to get even closer to the French fans that have supported me since I started and even the ones which have joined during the journey.”

The prospect of the French Grand Prix’s return is undoubtedly an exciting one, not only for Pierre Gasly but also for fans worldwide who cherish the rich history and excitement it brings to Formula 1. As discussions evolve and decisions are made, it’s clear that Gasly’s dedication to this cause will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of this iconic race.

“I’m definitely pushing Stefano [Domenicali]. Whenever I see him I always try to slide in a sneaky message. Even if it is just a little help to push the French Grand Prix and the interest from all of the French fans because it’s part of our DNA always.

“Motorsport is huge in our country. We have a French manufacturer, a French team, two French drivers, two and a half with Charles [Leclerc] which I still don’t know if he wants to be called French but I still like to call him French.

“It will definitely be nice to see it back.”

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