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Pierre Gasly Reveals Winning Design in Binance’s Global Helmet Contest

Alpine's Star to Sport Unique Helmet at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

In an exciting turn of events, Alpine’s very own Pierre Gasly has unveiled the triumphant design in Binance’s worldwide helmet design competition. This exhilarating competition has captured the imaginations of Formula 1 enthusiasts around the globe, all vying for the honor of having their design adorning Gasly’s helmet at the upcoming Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on November 26, 2023.

Binance, a prominent player in the cryptocurrency world, has taken its affinity for innovation to the Formula 1 arena by launching this much-anticipated competition. Racing aficionados and creative minds from every corner of the world were invited to put their artistic talents to the test and design a helmet that would not only represent Pierre Gasly but also stand out as a testament to their creativity.

The announcement of the competition winner has generated immense excitement within the Formula 1 community. Gasly, known for his remarkable skills on the track, has now added an extra layer of intrigue to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The winning design, meticulously selected by a panel of judges, is set to become an iconic symbol of Gasly’s journey in the world of motorsport.

This unique collaboration between Binance and Alpine has not only showcased the global appeal of Formula 1 but has also provided fans with an opportunity to contribute to the sport’s rich tapestry. The winning design, a product of passion and ingenuity, will serve as a reminder of the creative spirit that thrives within the Formula 1 community.

As we eagerly await the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the anticipation is palpable. Pierre Gasly will step onto the track with a helmet that embodies the dreams and creativity of Formula 1 enthusiasts worldwide. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the enduring appeal of this thrilling sport.

When discussing the winning design, the French driver remarked:

“This design truly encapsulates my partnership with Binance, and my profound connection to my fans and this race in particular.

“Seeing all the creative submissions from our passionate community makes me more exhilarated, and I’m humbled by their incredible energy and passion which I’m excited to channel to the race.”

The victor of the competition also provided their thoughts:

“Inspired by Binance’s brand, I made black and yellow the predominant colors. I also gave it a glossy surface finish to evoke the golden color and allude to Arabic culture, along with Arabic calligraphy on the sides.

“Since the race will take place at night, I also used the vibrant pink color of another sponsor to create a contrast with the rest of the design, making the helmet stand out under the nighttime lights.”

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