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Pierre Gasly’s Exclusive Interview: Helmet Design Competition and Insights into the 2023 Formula One Season

The Alpine F1 Driver Opens Up About Helmet Design, the French Grand Prix, and Formula 1's Growing Fanbase

Alpine F1 driver Pierre Gasly is making waves off the track with an exciting competition for Formula 1 fans. Partnering with Binance, Gasly is giving fans the chance to design his helmet for the 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Not only will the winning design be worn by the French driver during the final race of the 2023 season, but Gasly will also share it on his social media and send the lucky winner a signed replica.

Fans have wasted no time in sharing their creative designs on social media, with many embracing the theme of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix being a night race. When asked about his preferences for the winning design, Gasly expressed his enthusiasm for the creativity of the entries received so far. He stated, “Yeah, I must admit, so far I’m pretty impressed. I’ve had a lot of feedback from fans reaching out to me, telling me ‘please choose my design, please choose my design!’. The whole point of the competition is to have a nice surprise but I think the fact that the last race in Abu Dhabi is by night, you can be a bit more creative and I quite like the idea of having something which maybe reflects the lights, something a bit sparkly.” Gasly also emphasized the importance of maintaining the tributes on his current helmet, to which he feels emotionally connected.

Gasly is open to exploring new and unique design ideas that may take him out of his comfort zone. He eagerly anticipates reviewing all the submitted designs, emphasizing that he looks forward to embracing fresh concepts created by his fanbase.

The helmet holds a special significance for Formula 1 drivers, allowing them to express their individuality within the confines of their racing gear. Gasly acknowledged this personal connection, stating, “I feel the helmet is pretty much the only personal touch we can have.” He explained how helmets serve as a means of recognition for fans and discussed the importance of a driver’s ability to bring their personality and messages into their helmet design. Gasly emphasized that the helmet is often an underrated aspect of a driver’s expression and connection to their fans and the places they race.

Gasly also shed light on his process for designing helmets for specific races. He plans his helmet designs at the start of the year, aiming to maintain his primary helmet design throughout most of the season. However, he allows room for approximately five special edition designs that may arise as the year progresses. He stressed the importance of adapting to unexpected circumstances and ideas that emerge during the season, ensuring each helmet design is carefully considered.

The conversation also shifted to the potential return of the French Grand Prix to the Formula 1 calendar. Gasly expressed his desire for the race to return, highlighting the unique experience of racing in one’s home country in front of a home crowd. He expressed gratitude for the support of French fans and his enthusiasm for the opportunity to race on home soil again. Gasly has been actively advocating for the French Grand Prix’s return and aims to strengthen the connection between French fans and the sport.

Addressing the challenges of constant travel in Formula 1, Gasly revealed three essential items he cannot live without while on the road. Airpods rank high on his list, providing a means of staying connected with family and friends and enjoying music during extensive travel. He also highlighted the importance of an eye mask to ensure quality sleep, considering the significant impact of jet lag on drivers’ well-being.

Gasly’s positive and objective mindset becomes evident when discussing the natural ups and downs of the sport. He views these fluctuations as essential learning experiences, emphasizing the importance of understanding the team’s strengths and weaknesses. Gasly focuses on improvement and productivity to ensure better performance in the future, demonstrating his dedication to continuous growth in Formula 1.

Lastly, the conversation turned to the upcoming Las Vegas Grand Prix, a highly anticipated addition to the Formula 1 calendar. Gasly expressed excitement about racing on a new track and the allure of driving down the iconic Las Vegas Strip in a Formula One car. He emphasized the positive impact of Formula 1’s growing fan base, attributed in part to platforms like Netflix that have brought the sport to a broader audience.

Gasly noted the evolution of Formula 1’s communication and increased exposure, attributing it to the success of the sport. He highlighted the significance of the fan base and brand engagement, indicating a bright future for Formula 1.

In conclusion, Pierre Gasly’s passion for Formula 1 shines through as he discusses the helmet design competition, his approach to designing helmets, the potential return of the French Grand Prix, and the exciting developments in Formula 1. His dedication to the sport and engagement with fans highlight the essence of Formula 1 as a collaborative journey shared with the racing community.

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