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Red Bull’s RB20: Adrian Newey’s Masterpiece Tailored for Diverse F1 Circuits

Red Bull Racing’s Adrian Newey has debunked theories about the RB20 being a radical new concept for 2024. Instead, he confirms it as an evolved design from the RB18, aiming for adaptability across all F1 circuits.

Key Takeaways:

  • Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s chief technical officer, has described the RB20 as a refined “third-generation evolution” of the RB18, focusing on continuity and subtle aerodynamic advancements.
  • Despite visual similarities to Mercedes’s W14, Newey assures that the RB20’s core design remains faithful to its predecessor, prioritizing versatility and performance improvements, especially on maximum downforce street tracks.
  • The RB20’s development was influenced by Red Bull’s experiences in the previous season, especially the disappointing performance at the Singapore Grand Prix, leading to a focus on creating a well-rounded vehicle for varied track conditions.

Adrian Newey, Red Bull Racing’s chief technical officer, has delivered a significant statement about their 2024 challenger, the RB20. Contrary to speculations of a radical redesign, Newey clarified that the RB20 is not venturing into unknown territory but is a strategic evolution of the RB18. The RB18 was pivotal in Max Verstappen’s victory in the ground effect era, and the RB20 aims to build upon that success with refined design and improved adaptability.

While the RB20 has drawn visual comparisons to Mercedes’s W14, Newey emphasized that these changes are more cosmetic than conceptual. He clarified on the F1 Nation podcast that, despite apparent alterations, the fundamental architecture of the car is essentially a third evolution of the RB18. This revelation comes as a surprise to many who speculated a new design approach after Red Bull’s dominant 21 wins out of 22 Grands Prix last season with the RB19.

Newey also pointed out the subtle, yet effective changes in the RB20 that have improved its performance, which may not be immediately noticeable. He stated, “The bits that are visible… they’ve obviously caused quite a lot of attention, obviously, we’re pursuing aerodynamic gains there, but the visual change is actually much, much larger than the performance change you get from that and there are other much more subtle bits, that people haven’t noticed, that are probably responsible for a bigger gain.”

A key focus for the team has been enhancing the car’s performance on maximum downforce street circuits, an area where they experienced setbacks last season, most notably at the Singapore Grand Prix. Newey’s goal is to create a car that is “reasonably well suited to all circuits,” particularly improving their showing on circuits like Singapore, where they underperformed. The RB20’s design reflects a commitment to versatility and incremental improvements, rather than drastic conceptual changes, signifying Red Bull’s strategic approach to maintaining their dominance in the F1 circuit.

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