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Red Bull’s Remarkable F1 Victory in 2023: How a 20kg Reduction in the RB19 Fueled Their Success

Red Bull’s F1 team experienced an extraordinary winning streak in 2023, clinching 21 out of 22 races. Christian Horner, the team principal, credits this overwhelming success to a significant weight reduction in their RB19 car compared to the previous year’s model.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dramatic Weight Reduction: Christian Horner, Red Bull’s team principal, identified a 20kg weight reduction in the RB19 as the pivotal change that led to the team’s dominant performance in the 2023 season.
  • Extensive Carryover with Improvements: While most of the RB19’s components were carried over from the RB18, including the gearbox, suspension, and half of the chassis, Red Bull focused on shedding excess weight and refining imperfections.
  • Marginal Gains Strategy: Horner emphasized that the weight reduction wasn’t concentrated in one area but was the result of marginal gains across various components, significantly differentiating the RB19 from its predecessor, the RB18.

Red Bull Racing’s stunning dominance in the 2023 Formula 1 season can be attributed to a key change in their race car, as explained by team principal Christian Horner. The difference between the RB18 and the RB19, according to Horner, was a crucial 20kg drop in weight, which proved to be the decisive factor in their remarkable winning spree, securing 21 out of 22 races. The only race that eluded them was the Singapore Grand Prix, which Christian Horner attributes to a setup error, suggested by a simulation tool.

Horner, in a detailed conversation with, outlined the significant overlap between the RB18 and RB19, with major components such as the gearbox, a substantial portion of the suspension, and half of the chassis being carried over. He referred to the RB19 as a “cut-and-shut” for the year, with the focus on addressing the excess weight that had hindered the RB18.

The weight reduction was not focused on a single area but was achieved through incremental improvements across the car. Horner stressed that these small gains in various components culminated in a substantial difference between the two models. He proudly mentioned that some of the components in the RB19 had contributed to Max Verstappen’s 19 race wins in 2023 and 15 in the previous year, totaling an impressive 34 race victories.

This strategic improvement in the RB19 not only demonstrates Red Bull Racing’s commitment to continuous enhancement but also underscores the importance of attention to detail in the highly competitive world of Formula 1 racing. The 20kg weight reduction, while seemingly modest, played a pivotal role in Red Bull’s overwhelming success and serves as a testament to the team’s engineering prowess and strategic foresight.

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