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Revolutionizing Music and Motoring:’s Groundbreaking ‘Sound Drive’ with Mercedes

In an exclusive interview, discussed his innovative partnership with Mercedes, introducing ‘Sound Drive’ technology at CES. This technology uniquely blends music creation with driving, transforming each journey into a distinct musical experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Innovative Technology: ‘Sound Drive’ by Mercedes, co-created with, is a technology that converts car driving data into music, using inputs from various sensors to influence the music’s rhythm and melody.
  • Creative Vision and Collaboration: emphasized the importance of breaking musical limitations, relating the new technology to broader opportunities for musical creativity and experience.
  • Impact on Automotive and Music Industry: The technology signifies a potential shift in both the automotive and music industries, offering a new platform for music creation and a unique driving experience.

The CES event was a stage for more than just technological showcases; it was where, the renowned artist and visionary entrepreneur, unveiled his latest collaboration with Mercedes. This partnership led to the creation of ‘Sound Drive’, a cutting-edge technology that creates music from driving data. By integrating inputs from a car’s sensors into a digital audio workstation, the technology translates various driving styles into corresponding musical compositions. Aggressive driving, for example, produces a more intense beat, while a peaceful drive results in calmer tunes.

This innovation isn’t just a leap forward for car technology; it’s a transformative idea that reshapes our understanding of the relationship between music and motoring. During my interview with, his passion for this project was palpable. He detailed the genesis of this idea, stemming from the long-standing association between driving and music. The aim was to transcend the passive experience of listening to music in a car to an interactive, dynamic one. The technology isn’t just about altering existing music; it’s about creating entirely new compositions, ensuring that no two ‘drive songs’ are identical.

Moreover, highlighted the significance of this technology for music creators. It opens up a new realm for artists, allowing them to design music that evolves with the driving experience. This aspect of ‘Sound Drive’ presents an exciting opportunity for creative exploration, where artists can craft music that responds to specific driving scenarios or locations.

The artist’s conversation with me also delved into his personal connection with cars and music. He shared insights into his unique car collection and customizations, revealing a deep passion for both engineering and artistic expression. This connection between his automotive and musical interests is exemplified in the ‘Sound Drive’ project, where technology, creativity, and passion intersect.’s discussion also touched upon his relationship with Lewis Hamilton, highlighting their mutual respect and admiration. He expressed optimism about Mercedes’ future in Formula One, underlining the combined strength of their engineering prowess and Hamilton’s exceptional driving skills.

In conclusion,’s collaboration with Mercedes on ‘Sound Drive’ is more than just an innovative technology; it’s a testament to the power of creative vision and interdisciplinary collaboration. It signals a potential paradigm shift in how we experience music and driving, offering a glimpse into a future where every journey is not just a travel but a unique musical voyage.

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