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Sergio Perez Faces FIA Inquiry After Controversial Abu Dhabi GP Comments

In the aftermath of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, Red Bull’s Sergio Perez was summoned by the FIA for his critical comments on the race stewards, which he aired over team radio. His remarks, which included calling the stewards a “joke” and “very bad,” have been viewed as a violation of the International Sporting Code.

Key Takeaways:

  • Controversial Comments: Sergio Perez expressed dissatisfaction with the race stewards during the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, using team radio to label them as “a joke” and “very bad.” This outburst is now under scrutiny for potentially breaching the International Sporting Code.
  • Race Incident and Penalty: Perez finished second but was relegated to fourth place following a five-second penalty for a collision with Lando Norris’s McLaren. The penalty was contentious, with Perez insisting he was fully alongside Norris during the incident.
  • FIA’s Response: The FIA summoned Perez post-race for his comments, considering them as potential misconduct towards officials and staff. This inquiry could have significant implications for the driver and his team.

In a dramatic conclusion to the Formula 1 season at the Yas Marina circuit, Sergio Perez’s strong performance was overshadowed by controversy. The Red Bull driver, who initially crossed the finish line second, was demoted to fourth place due to a penalty incurred from a collision with Lando Norris. The incident was a pivotal moment in the race and had repercussions beyond the track.

Perez’s frustration was palpable as he vented over the team radio. His comments: “The stewards are a joke, man. I cannot believe it. They have been very bad this year, but this is a joke. That was really a joke,” were not only candid but have now drawn the attention of the FIA for an alleged breach of the International Sporting Code. The code maintains standards for conduct, and Perez’s remarks potentially contravened these guidelines.

The race’s aftermath saw further twists. Ferrari’s strategy, which included Charles Leclerc allowing Perez to pass, aimed at limiting George Russell’s points and securing a better standing in the Constructors Championship. However, despite these efforts, Mercedes edged out Ferrari by a mere three points.

Perez, in his post-race interview, explained his perspective on the collision with Norris: “We ended up contacting, which was unfortunate. But to make contact you require both partners. Lando also had some responsibility in that because he turned into me as if there was no-one there… I honestly don’t agree with the decision but as a driver there is nothing you can do.”

The stewards, on the other hand, offered a different view: “Coming into Turn 6, notwithstanding that [Perez] was alongside [Norris], the driver of Car 11 [Perez] dived in late, missed the apex of the corner and understeered towards the outside of the corner colliding with [Norris].”

This incident and the ensuing comments have not only sparked debate among fans and experts but also put Perez in a precarious position with the governing body. The outcome of the FIA’s inquiry could have lasting effects on Perez’s reputation and his standing in the world of Formula 1 racing.

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