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Tim Maylon Takes Helm as FIA’s New Sporting Director in Leadership Shakeup

The FIA has announced a major leadership change, appointing Tim Maylon as the new Sporting Director, succeeding Steve Nielsen. This move is part of the FIA’s broader restructuring effort, indicating a new direction in its management.

Key Takeaways:

  • Tim Maylon’s Extensive Background: With a career spanning over a decade at Red Bull Racing and significant roles at Sauber, BMW Motorsport, and as the FIA’s Safety Director, Maylon brings a rich tapestry of experience to his new role as Sporting Director.
  • Role and Responsibilities: In his new role, Maylon will be responsible for overseeing all sporting matters, including Race Direction and the Remote Operations Centre (ROC), and will report directly to Single Seater Director Nikolas Tombazis.
  • Continued Leadership Changes at FIA: The FIA is undergoing a significant phase of restructuring. The departure of Steve Nielsen and Tim Goss is part of this transition, with Niels Wittich continuing as Race Director under Maylon’s direction.

The Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) has recently undertaken a significant step in its leadership structure by appointing Tim Maylon as the new Sporting Director, a move seen as a pivotal part of its organizational restructuring. Maylon replaces Steve Nielsen, who left his position before Christmas, signaling a shift in the FIA’s leadership paradigm.

Tim Maylon’s career stands as a beacon of his extensive experience in the motorsport world. His journey in the field began with Red Bull Racing during its Jaguar phase, leading him through various critical roles, including Head of Track Engineering at Sauber and Chief Engineer for BMW Motorsport’s DTM program. Before stepping into his new role, Maylon was instrumental as the FIA’s Head of Research and Safety Director.

In his own words, Maylon expressed his enthusiasm about the new role, stating, “I am delighted to be taking on the role of Sporting Director. We have already brought significant change to our Race Direction operation with the support of the ROC and I look forward to taking that to the next level. We are also committed to a broad regulatory review of sporting matters, and I look forward to applying a sharper focus to those efforts in the future.”

Nikolas Tombazis, the Single Seater Director at the FIA, echoed this sentiment. He emphasized Maylon’s rich experience and expertise in motorsport, adding, “Tim has a wealth of motorsport experience and expertise at the highest level. He will play a major role as we continue to bring rigour to our sporting and regulatory practices and procedures, and he will drive the innovation we have brought to our Race Control operation.”

This leadership change at the FIA marks a new chapter in its history, one that promises a refreshed approach to its sporting and regulatory practices, under the guidance of seasoned professionals like Tim Maylon.

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