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Zhou Guanyu’s Candid Admission: Sauber’s Persistent Pit Stop Woes at Saudi GP

In a revealing post-race interview, Zhou Guanyu openly expressed his frustrations following another problematic pit stop by Sauber at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. This recurring issue caused him to finish towards the end, marking a disappointing race weekend for the team.

Key Takeaways:

  • A critical pit stop delay for Zhou Guanyu at the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, caused by a cross-threaded wheel nut, led to a significant setback in his race positioning.
  • This incident at the Saudi GP is the second consecutive race where Sauber has encountered pit stop troubles, previously affecting teammate Valtteri Bottas.
  • Despite facing various challenges during the race, including issues with tyre strategy for Bottas and a struggle to recover for Guanyu post-pit stop, the drivers persevered under difficult circumstances.

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix turned out to be a challenging event for the Sauber team, particularly for driver Zhou Guanyu. After opting to stay out during an early Safety Car phase, Guanyu was considerably hindered during a crucial pit stop on Lap 43, due to a mechanical issue involving a cross-threaded wheel nut. This unfortunate incident relegated him to the back of the pack, even behind his teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

In his post-race comments to, Guanyu didn’t hold back his disappointment:

“Everything was going well [in the race]. Difficult race at the beginning, managing a lot the engine [temperature]. Then [I had] very fast pace on the mediums, considering how much I have to lift off for the temperature. After that pit stop unfortunately it’s done. Frustrating of course, it happens already twice for us as a team. We need to improve, that’s clear, and yeah, the race was basically gone after that.”

These setbacks for Zhou Guanyu came after he had already encountered a challenging weekend, which included a crash during Friday’s Free Practice 3. Despite these adversities, Guanyu pointed out his progression as a driver over the years. However, he acknowledged the difficulty of recovering lost positions following the delay at the pit stop. The incident highlights the importance of efficient and error-free pit stops in Formula 1, as even minor delays can have substantial impacts on the race outcome. This event underscores the challenges faced by F1 teams in maintaining consistency in all aspects of the race, from driving to the critical pit stop strategy.

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