Jeremy Clarkson Collaborates with Emirates to Produce The Ultimate Luxury

A few days ago we featured a video of Jeremy Clarkson acting as a new spokesperson of sorts for the new Emirates Airlines First Class cabins. At first, it seemed quite random to have Jeremy advertising for the airline, but further inspection revealed that Jeremy may actually have had a hand in developing the new luxury suites.

It turns out that Jeremy, Mercedes, and Emirates are actually working together to design an Emirates airplane. The new design features a revamped economy and business class with new colors and larger leather seats. The entire in-flight entertainment system has also been rehauled.

Of course, most of plusher goodies are reserved for first class. The entire first class suite is designed from floor to ceiling with a design inspired by the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

There’s no word on what exactly Jeremy had a hand in designing. Perhaps he merely served as a consultant for Mercedes? Maybe the first class cabin randomly turns into a jet plane mid-flight with a recording of Jezza screaming “POWAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” in your ears?



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