Jeremy Clarkson Involved In Altercation With Amazon Owner, Jeff Bezos

A press announcement was released this morning with reports of  Jeremy Clarkson being involved in an altercation with Amazon owner, Jeff Bezos, after a meeting discussing the future of the popular car show, The Grand Tour. It took place at Bezos’ lake house in Medina, Wash.

This comes as a shock only three short years after the ‘fracas’ with Top Gear producer Oisin Tymon where Jeremy Clarkson apparently punched him in response to not receiving steak available after a hard day of shooting.

It is currently unknown as to how this will affect The Grand Tour’s Season 3 as Amazon have failed to comment at this time, but Jeremy Clarkson’s PA, April Fule, has notified us that Clarkson will be taking some time away from filming. We expect this to push back the airing date for Season 3, and hope that this doesn’t affect the show further.

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In other news, happy April Fool’s Day.

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