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In this episode, the tent is pitched at the Loch Ness in Scotland. Clarkson tests the Lexus GSF, and the trio compare SUVs in central Europe.

Why Loch Ness?

The show begins with Clarkson explaining the reason for them being in Scotland once again. It’s because Hammond and May are sure that the Loch Ness Monster is real, and then goes about showing Jeremy proof.

Jeremy admits that he loves the driving roads around Scotland and the crowd cheers. He mentions the North Coast 500 which is Scotland’s answer to America’s Route 66. But then describes how the police cracked down on it within two days of it being opened. He then bring up the A9 which is 99 miles of continuous avberage speed cameras.

He ends up provoking the audience and they end up chanting freedom and clapping, which James May describes as dangerous.

Clarkson Reviews The Lexus GS F

Jeremy Clarkson reviews the Lexus GS F on the Eboladrome and proceeds to drive past a number of animal figures. He likes it saying “it feels like a sports car.” He compares it to German rivals saying they are easier to live with, but as a driving machine, the Lexus is the better car.

Conversation Street

In this episode, the presenters discuss Mercedes, and their plan for people to rent their car out when they aren’t using it. Clarkson and co. don’t agree with this. They argue that you produce an emotional attachment and don’t want anyone else to drive your car.

James later brings up a website that lists how many cars are left on the roads of Britain. The Citroen Saxo VTS for example, only 491 are left on the road. They worry that good cars are going extinct.

Bentley Bentayga VS Range Rover Autobiography VS Jaguar F-Pace through Europe

Clarkson, Hammond and May take three SUVs on the Romantic Road via Kissing, Bavaria, then Petting, Bavaria, to Fucking, Austria. After passing Landsberg Prison and staying overnight in Fucking, Clarkson and Hammond suggest to May that they should skip Wedding (Berlin) and head for the Nürburgring instead.

A mistake by May and his navigation system means they end up in Nuremburg Norisring which turns out to be a quarry. The trio perform timed laps in the quarry and Clarkson ends up cheating by climbing a hill and driving through a stretch of water. He ends up beating Hammond and May by two minutes because of this.

And yes, James May really goes for it…

Celebrity Brain Crash

Tim Burton travels to the tent in a mini-submarine but it explodes before he gets there.

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