The Grand Tour Season 2 Episode Guide, Recaps & Fun Facts

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The Grand Tour Season 2 began in on 8 december 2017 and was aired on the streaming service, Amazon Prime Video alongside the original first Season. Unlike Season 1 which consisted of 13 episodes, Season 2 had only 11 plus a special which is coming later in the year (yet to be aired). There was however one semi-special episode set in Mozambique named, ‘Feed the World’.

There were a number of changes made to Season 2 including:

  • A now permanent setting for the tent in Great Tew – five minutes away from Jeremy Clarkson’s house
  • Celebrity Face Off, where two celebrities (one from the UK and one USA) go head to head to try and get the fastest lap time in a new Jaguar F-Type. This replaced Celebrity Brain Crash
  • Abbie Eaton replaces The American as The Grand Tour’s new driver.
  • The theme song was also changed from the previous Season

It consisted of 13 episodes, two of which made one long special episode, and while official viewing figures haven’t been released, Episode 1 quickly became the most popular pilot episode of any series on Amazon.

Richard Hammond, Jeremy Clarkson and James May reprised their roles as presenters after the success of the first Season.

Past, Present, or Future

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Celebrities: David Hasselhoff, Ricky Wilson

Season 2 launches with the comparison of the naturally aspirated Lamborghini Aventador S, the hybrid Honda NSX, and the all-electric Rimac Concept_One. They take the cars to Switzerland under Hammond’s instructions and are taken to a health spa. After several boring museums and drives, Clarkson and May plan a hillclimb event. The Lamborghini is the fastest, and the episode shows the long-awaited footage of Hammond’s crash in the Rimac. Celebrity Face Off is introduced in this episode.

The Falls Guys

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Celebrities: Kevin Pietersen, Brian Wilson

Hammond, with a fractured knee, joins May in a race to Niagara Falls using only public transport against Clarkson in the new Ford GT. Clarkson wins the race and then reviews the Mercedes AMG GT-R. Abbie Eaton, the new racing driver is introduced but her name is never actually spoken.

Bah Humbug-atti

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Celebrities Hugh Bonneville, Casey Anderson

The presenters show off their car decorated Christmas tree, then May travels to Majorca to review the Kia Stinger GT and races two longboard riders and wins. Both Hammond and May then try to make lunch breaks more exciting by introducing ‘lunchtime office carpark racing’. Clarkson then drives the Bugatti Chiron from Saint-Tropez to L’Alpe De Venosc where he goes skiing. He end the route at  the Piazza Carignano in Turin.


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Celebrities: Michael Ball, Alfie Boe, Silvija Jurin

The trio holds an awards ceremony in Conversation Street before Hammond tests the McLaren 720s on the Eboladrome. It turns out he filled the petrol tank with water and killed the car. For the main segment, the presenters go to Croatia in an ‘unscripted’ adventure. Clarkson turns up in an Audi TTRS, Clarkson an Ariel Nomad, and James May a Lada Riva. Clarkson and Hammond compete to find out who’s car is better, and James May turns his car into a firetruck.

Up, Down, and Round the Farm

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Celebrities: Bill Bailey, Dominic Cooper, Mark Higgins

Hammond travels to Dubai to test a Sandrail dune buggy and a luxury tank called the Ripsaw. May then reviews the Up! GTI on the Eboladrome and Abbie Eaton puts it to the test. Clarkson then produces a Ken Block ‘Gymkhana’ type video with a Subaru Impreza WRX STI. It turns out to be fake with Clarkson finally writing off the car at the end.


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Celebrities: Luke Evans, Kiefer Sutherland

The trio travel to Colorado to prove that British Jaguars are reliable. Clarkson buys an XJR, Hammond a Mark X and May an XK8 convertible. After several tests such as driving on a dirt track, each car has several problems and are eventually replaced. They end the segment by driving down a ski slope.

It’s a Gas, Gas, Gas

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Celebrities: Anthony Joshua, Bill Goldberg

Hammond tests the new Lamborghini Hurucan Performante and beats James’ own Ferrari 458 Speciale. Then Abbie Easton takes it on a timed lap where it becomes the fastest car. May and Hammond then try to find a way of filling up a car’s fuel tank while on the move. Finally, Clarkson talks about the rallying rivalry about the Audi Quattro and Lancie 037. This segment was considered to be the best part of the Season.

Blasts from the Past

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Celebrities: Stewart Copeland, Nick Mason

Hammond and May go to the Pyrénées to test out new, old cars. Hammond drives the  Jagaur XK SS and Clarkson the Aston Marin DB4 GT. MAy later jin them driving a Honda Civic. They end up at the abandoned Autódromo de Sitges-Terramar and compare how fast they can drive around its banked corner. After recent events however, Hammond doesn’t take part. Towards the end of the episode, Clarkson tests the Ford GT on the Eboladrome.

Breaking, Badly

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Celebrities: Dynamo, Penn & Teller

Clarkson sets out to prove that the Jaguar XJ220 and the Bugatti EB 110 Super Sport are still almost as good as modern cars. He fails as they set slow times on the Eboladrome by Abbie Eaton. The trio then set out to break the record for amphibious vehicles in the UK. After several different attempts they produce the ‘Pond Pug’ which is a Bond Bug bonded to a jet ski water jet. They break the record with an average speed of 47.81mph.

Oh Canada

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Celebrities: Rory McIlroy, Paris Hilton

The trio take an Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, a Range Rover Velar and a Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack driven by Clarkson, May and Hammond respectively. They confirm that SUVs are useless but are then asked by Wilman to tow a boat up a mountain. Clarkson swaps his SUV for a Ford F150 Raptor as his Alfa doesn’t have a tow bar and comes first with Hammond coming second and May sinking in a lake. Clarkson then tests the Tesla Model X with a group of lawyers

Feed the World

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On a mission to to stop famine in the Mozambique village of Bingo, the trio try to establish a transport route to take food from the fish rich coast. MAy uses a Mercedes-Benz Estate and turns it into a moving fish tank, Clarkson a Toyota pick up which he turns into a freezer with a stolen ice machine, and Hammond a TVS Star motorbike which he uses to dry fish. They fail to catch the fish so buy some from the market on the coast. Along the way, Hammond falls countless times. May’s car beaks down several times, too, and Clarkson’s generator fails. He resorts to smoking the fish with exhaust fumes. They arrive at Bingo with no fish then leave in a helicopter.

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