The Grand Tour: Episode 4 Social Media Reactions

Episode 4 of The Grand Tour was an interesting one for me. On one hand, seeing James’ head sticking out of his Poomobile was one of the most hilarious things I have seen all week. On the other hand, watching James pull in a bunch of construction/mining equipment seemed a bit forced. In fact, I’m getting that feeling a lot from TGT (more of an observation than complaint).

But enough about me; Episode 4 included a proper and exciting road test with a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a BMW M4 GTS, a couple of lines from The American that actually made me chuckle and not glare at the screen, a new and improved way to smuggle people in cars, and of course, the highly publicized “enviro-mental” challenge where the boys had to rebuild Land Rover Discoveries with more “eco-friendly” body work.

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So how was the episode received by media outlets and fans around the globe? Well, let’s find out!



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