The Grand Tour Season 3 Release Date Pushed Back To January

Andy Wilman, executive producer of The Grand Tour has stated in an interview at the PandaConf WebSummit in Dublin that Season 3 of the Amazon show will be released January of next year, 2019.

This will come as a shock to many hopeful viewers after it was expected to air around November/December time. Especially as the tent recordings for The Grand Tour started at the beginning of this month, usually signalling the release of the show to be near.


News regarding the release of the special episode filmed earlier this year has also been slow. It’s unsure whether it will be part of Season 3, or whether it will be a standalone episode released out of the confines of the third season. Whatever the answer, it’s most likely no going to be any time soon. It could quite possibly be released over Christmas as a Christmas special, however.

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