Wyatt Knox Shows Us How To Execute A Perfect Handbrake Turn

Ah, the handbrake turn…guaranteed to make any girl fall directly in love with you (at least according to Jeremy and friends). Is there anything more entertaining than watching Jeremy, James, and Richard attempt handbrake turns? Probably not, I daresay.

As funny as it is watching three middle aged men attempting to impress some girls, the handbrake turn does actually serve a purpose, and Wyatt Knox of Team O’Neil rally school in New Hampshire is here to you how to do one without looking like a fool.

Seated in a Ford Fiesta ST with gravel tires, Knox shows us how to execute a handbrake turn, using a slow speed corner with both exterior and interior views of the maneuver:

What’s interesting is Knox’s description of how the handbrake actually works, which is more like a normal foot pedal than we might assume. It’s not often necessary to yank up completely on the lever *cough* Jeremy *cough*.

And now for your viewing pleasure, the boys attempting their handbrake turns:

Maybe they should give Team O’Neil rally school a visit soon, eh?

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