Carlos Sainz Likely To Join Audi Project From Next Year According To Sky Pundit

Carlos Sainz is poised to make a significant move to the Audi project in 2025, following predictions by former F1 driver Anthony Davidson, suggesting his potential transition from Ferrari after Lewis Hamilton’s move to the Italian team the same year.

Key Takeaways:

  • Anthony Davidson hints at Carlos Sainz’s expected shift to Audi in 2025 post his Ferrari contract expiration, aligning with Lewis Hamilton’s move to Ferrari.
  • Sainz’s connection with Audi through his father’s Dakar Rally victory enhances the likelihood of this transition, with Audi’s entry into F1 via Sauber.
  • Davidson underscores Sainz’s adeptness and wisdom, highlighting his suitability to guide and stabilize Audi’s potential F1 venture.

In the wake of Lewis Hamilton’s impending move to Ferrari, the Formula 1 driver market has been abuzz with speculation, particularly surrounding the fate of Carlos Sainz. With his current contract with Ferrari set to conclude at the end of 2024, Sainz finds himself at the center of swirling rumors regarding his next career move.

Former F1 driver and Sky pundit, Anthony Davidson, recently weighed in on the matter during pre-season testing. Davidson expressed his anticipation of Sainz’s transition to Audi, citing the seasoned racer’s suitability to nurture and steer a budding team in Formula 1.

“I assume that’s going to happen,” remarked Davidson when asked about Sainz’s potential move to Audi. “I just think that’s a very good place for an experienced, professional racer like he is to end up, to help nurture a new team.”

Davidson further elaborated on Sainz’s invaluable traits, portraying him as a stabilizing force amidst the dynamic landscape of Formula 1. “He’s always there, a solid driver. I think, in mixed conditions, he’s very, very good,” Davidson remarked.

Moreover, Sainz’s familiarity with Audi, stemming from his father’s association with the brand through the Dakar Rally, adds credence to the speculation surrounding his future in the sport. This familial link serves as a potential catalyst for Sainz’s transition to Audi, with his father’s triumphs acting as a bridge between the driver and the German manufacturer.

Should Sainz embark on this anticipated journey to Audi, he would reunite with his former team principal, Andreas Seidl, with whom he shared a fruitful partnership before joining Ferrari. This reunion, coupled with Sainz’s wealth of experience and tactical acumen, positions him as an invaluable asset to Audi’s prospective foray into Formula 1.

As the 2025 season draws closer, all eyes remain fixated on Carlos Sainz, eagerly anticipating the next chapter in his illustrious Formula 1 career.

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