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Clarkson’s Farm Gives Update On Long-Lasting Council Battle

Jeremy Clarkson’s partner, Lisa Hogan, shared an update to the Diddly Squat Farm Shop Instagram page to let fans know they have finally been able to start landscaping a car park.

The long-lasting council battles were documented on the first two series of the hit farming show, Prime Video’s Clarkson’s Farm. The Grand Tour host has been struggling to get planning permission for various things on the farm, including a restaurant, farm shop, and car park.

The car park seemed the most trivial out of those to fans as it was the most logical solution to please local residents who were complaining about the traffic after hoards of fans queued up to visit the shop. However, they have now been able to get building under way.

Fans were quick to celebrate the news. One commented:

“Congratulations at long last! I cannot believe you had all this trouble when houses are being built everywhere on green land! But there you go that’s Britain for you!”

Another fan didn’t hold back with their message, writing:

“You did a thing!! Well done for not letting the nimbys spoil your endeavours to improve local business and farming livelihoods . Your story is a model for small rural businesses suffering under the thumb of ridiculous and oppressively draconian local councils! Plus, Now all the people with SUV’s and off-road vehicles don’t have to panic about having to actually go off-road! Phew!” [sic]

The news seems to have encouraged more fans to visit. Someone else responded to the news:

“Excellent news at last you have the much deserved car park!”

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