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Jeremy Clarkson Celebrates Clarkson’s Farm Success In Recent Video

Jeremy Clarkson is celebrating a recent success on Diddly Squat Farm by opening up Diddly Squat Farm Shop to the public an extra day each week. The area has become a popular destination for fans of the Clarkson’s Farm presenter, with local neighbours complaining about the increase in traffic since its opening. Well, they’re going to be less impressed now the shop is opening up an extra day of the week: from Wednesdays to Sundays.

The second series of Clarkson’s Farm is expected to air on Prime Video some time in the early new year, but fans will remember that the Grand Tour presenter focussed some of his time in the first season on wilding. Lisa Hogan, his partner, was less than impressed, as was Kaleb Cooper. But this year his project is blooming as he posts a video to the official Diddly Squat Farm Shop Instagram account.

The caption reads:

“So pleased with my wilding, I’m opening Diddly Squat Farm Shop an extra day each week! Wednesday – Sunday 9.30-4.30pm”

Clarkson has had several successes this year, including opening his restaurant on his land after finding a loophole. Your place at the restaurant has to be booked in advance, and there isn’t a menu as such. You’re simply given what’s available that day. Despite this, the restaurant is thriving with it now being very difficult to book a table there.

Fans were quick to celebrate with Clarkson:

“That’s beautiful. We need more wild spaces just wish the Government were more pro active on preserving our beautiful countryside than digging it all up!” one user said.

Another added: “Finally people understand to leave some wild areas … the knowledge may be filtering its way through at last…”

A third also threw their compliments at the presenter: “You crack me up and I don’t laugh at many people.”

We’re very much looking forward to Clarkson’s Farm Season 2, so roll on the New Year.

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