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Jeremy Clarkson Confesses He Is “Out Of His Depth” Over £250,000 Business Deals

Jeremy Clarkson has confessed that he is “out of his depth” with business deals relating to Clarkson’s Farm.

Fans loved watching Clarkson in his latest venture on the first season of Clarkson’s Farm. The Grand Tour host bought the Cotswolds farm back in 2009 and decided to take it over himself in 2019.

In an article in The Times, Clarkson revealed the obstacles he came up against behind the scenes of the Prime Video show. He said:

“Over the years I’ve done some business stuff, and every single time I vow that I’ll never do it again, because I’m always out of my depth.

“I never know what anyone is talking about until someone comes round and tells me I’ve got to hand over a quarter of a million pounds.

“Then, when I look surprised, they point to page 96 of the small print, paragraph 4, subsection 2b, which always says, ‘Blah blah blah you will then hand over £250,000’.”

Season two of Clarkson’s Farm is due to be released early 2023, many hoping for January or February. The former Top Gear host will be joined by the same popular crew that worked alongside him in the first season: Kaleb Cooper, Charlie Ireland, Gerald Cooper and Lisa Hogan.

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