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Jeremy Clarkson On Meghan Markle’s Funeral Tear: “For Crying Out Loud”

Jeremy Clarkson has spoken out on Meghan Markle after she was seen with a tear at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. The Grand Tour presenter has often shown little regard for the actress who married Prince Harry, but has now questioned whether her crying was real of simply an act.

Markle has been seen negatively by some of the public since her interview with The Cut, and now, with this most recent controversy, Jeremy Clarkson has questioned the actress.

“Sure, we were shown pictures of you crying at the funeral.

“But you’re an actor, for crying out loud. And actors can cry on demand. Even I can. And, on a number of occasions, have.”

Jeremy’s rival from the early days of Top Gear, Piers Morgan, has also expressed similar opinions of Meghan.

Jeremy commented on this:

“I don’t want to sound like Piers Morgan, who’s obsessed with the Markles, because I never want to sound like Piers Morgan.

“But I’m afraid there’s no way around it. He’s right. And I am going to sound like him when I say, ‘those two are unhinged’.”

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