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Jeremy Clarkson Confirms Future Of Clarkson’s Farm As Second Season Massive Success

Jeremy Clarkson has confirmed that, despite his recent controversy with Meghan Markle, Season 3 of Clarkson’s Farm will go ahead. In fact, the Diddly Squat Farm team is already in the middle of filming the next season.

Clarkson’s Farm Season 2 follows Jeremy and his number two Kaleb Cooper as they not only prepare for another year of farming but look to take on the evil council as they try to diversify their revenue. They were mostly unsuccessful, with the council squashing most of their plans, but they finished the season with a small restaurant business.

Fans have binged the Prime Video show over the weekend it was released and are now searching for what’s next. Well, fortunately, Jeremy has confirmed the future of the show on Twitter.

“I have binge watched all of #ClarksonsFarm today – and I already want another series! @JeremyClarkson is it going to be happening?” a Twitter user asked.

This was followed by a quick reply from Jeremy:

“Sure is. We are in the middle of filming it now,” he said.

This response garnered over 8,000 likes at the time of writing this article, and fans were very excited to read this.

“I’ve binge watched the whole of the second series of Clarksons Farm and it’s so entertaining and brilliant viewing and Amazon should continue making it after series 3 truly one of the best programmes on at the moment,” [sic] one user responded.

Another added:

“Ohhh cant wait.. we binged watched season 2.. we love your show.. we will be making a trip on our motorbike to visit your shop.. hopefully we will get to meet you and your lovely wife, oh and caleb too.” [sic]

Season 3 will likely follow Clarkson as he continues to build out his farming empire. As expected, the battle with the council continues, but Jeremy also continues to build his business with more products, more ideas such as his Hawkstone Festivals, and plenty more content.

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