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Jeremy Clarkson Hits Back At Fan Who Wanted To “Ruin Farmers”

We know Jeremy Clarkson has been holidaying in France lately, thanks to his timely Instagram updates. But, that didn’t stop him from appearing in the news for controversial reasons. This time, the Grand Tour presenter hit out at a fan who took a cheap jab at him by pointing out the high price of Chilli Chutney in Diddly Squat Farm Shop. Eventually, the fan admitted he was joking but Clarkson had a point for us all.

Through Clarkson’s Farm, Jeremy has shown us the risks, the toil, and everything else that goes into farming. We realized that it isn’t as simple as it seemed. And we also realized how dependent that investment is on the weather. Then there’s the second bit- selling all the produce.

Luckily, Clarkson’s Diddly Squat Farm shop is built for just that! However, Clarkson had to face hurdles with the shop too, especially when it came to obtaining permission from the council for something as meagre as a parking space for Diddly Squat customers on a piece of land he owns! After months, the council finally granted permission for the parking area and a restaurant that Clarkson wants to build, but only for a period of three years!

You go through a lot of bureaucracy when you have a setup like Clarkson’s which obviously adds to the stress. It isn’t easy being a farmer and that is what he seemed to be hinting at through his reply to a fan on Instagram in the following post.

The follower commented on the above post about the sea with a few Yachts in it, saying:

“Are all 4 yours @jeremyclarkson1?

“I’ve seen the prices for chilli chutney in the farm shop 😂😉”

Obviously, Clarkson wasn’t going to let that slip in easily. He replied to the comment with a hard-hitting truth that reiterates every hardship I wrote about earlier. He replied:

“That’s what it costs to make it.

“If you want to ruin farmers, buy it for less in the supermarket.”

In a single reply, Clarkson explained how difficult farming really is and how big corporations that sell their products for a fraction of the price eat up all of the farmer’s profits just because ‘they can.’

Many fans sided with Jeremy on his reply. One fan ridiculed Countryfile quite badly.

“Doing more for British farming than Countryfile have done in decades!”

Another furious fan said:

“If you don’t want to pay the price off chill chutney then don’t buy it I don’t [think] Clarkson gives a f*** if you didn’t go and buy it from the supermarket.”

Someone offered alternatives:

“Don’t like the price don’t buy it, it’s that simple, I’m sure you will find something in Lidl nice a cheap.”

However, the person who posted the comment in the first place got back to explain that he was joking and also added that he had indeed bought some chilli chutney.

 “Of course not dude, that’s why I brought some. I hate supermarkets I was just having a laugh. I’m not the kinda person that buys a corsa.”

Clarkson though was unavailable to reply. I don’t blame him either. With a view like you’d be forced to keep the phone away. Speaking of Clarkson’s Farm, the show is expected to come up with season three but for that, they need to finish filming. That happens in October.

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