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Jeremy Clarkson Responds To Scathing Review Of His New Restaurant

Earlier this week, a Mail Online journalist by the name of Jan Moir wrote about her experience at Diddly Squat Restaurant. This restaurant, if you haven’t yet heard, is what’s resulted from Jeremy Clarkson’s small but welcome victory over his local council after they had rejected previous plans for a restaurant on his farm.

But while fans expected positive reviews on the restaurant, Jan Moir wasn’t so happy with her experience. She labeled it as “a bit pub chain” after telling us it costs “£49 per head”, insinuating that it’s not worth the money. Obviously, she forgot that the food she was eating was born and raised within viewing distance of where she was sat, and that she was there for the experience, not just the food. But, despite this, she wrote a scathing review of the place.

“Given that I am in a restaurant on a beef-producing farm on their second day of service, I had expected something magnificent for Sunday lunch: a rib roast or roast sirloin perhaps. But we are served a cut called topside,” she wrote.

“It’s OK, but can I be honest? It’s a bit pub chain.”

In his latest column where the Grand Tour presenter wrote about how MPs should be paid more thanks to the reactions they get from the public, Jeremy has responded to the journalist:

“Last weekend a woman called Jan Moir wrote a piece about my new restaurant in the Daily Mail, and she literally made stuff up about me,” he wrote.

“So I was going to write this morning about how she’d defecated in front of her fellow diners and then, without bothering to wipe herself, had gone back to abusing the staff. I wanted to show her how it feels to be on the wrong end of a pack of lies. But these days I can’t even say I hope she catches a debilitating skin disease.

“Instead I’m expected to send her a baby rabbit.”

Obviously, Clarkson wasn’t happy to read her review, and fans of the presenter weren’t either. So, I implore you, if you fancy seeing what Diddly Squat restaurant is all about, go and check it out yourself. Don’t read a Daily Mail article and treat it as gospel.

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