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Jeremy Clarkson Reveals Huge Clarkson’s Farm News: “Fantastic News!”

Jeremy Clarkson has some great news from his farm lately and it’s not what you think. The Grand Tour Presenter finally revealed the suspense from the previous day when he tweeted “Stand by for some fantastic news from Clarkson’s Farm.”

The tweet that received 3.6 million views and 40.3k likes in a day had fans speculating what the “fantastic news” could be. Many thought it to be the announcement of the new series of ‘Clarkson’s Farm’ while a funny fan thought the fantastic news to be “An agreeable council?” Others went on to make hilarious guesses like “EV chargers in the car park?”

Fortunately, Clarkson broke out the secret today with a tweet showing images of a pig suckling her newborn piglets. Clarkson wrote:

“And here is the fantastic news. A HUGE amount of piglets

Clarkson seemed thrilled at the birth of the adorable piglets that were being nurtured by their mother. As far as we could see, there were seven of them in one image but of course, there could be more. The fans have taken to the comments section with a similar level of excitement and all sorts of ideas. However, a majority of them have bacon on their minds. Here are some reactions that need highlighting:

One got a name for one of the piglets, mostly from an old Top Gear Burma Special episode where Clarkson named his donkey.

“I shall name one Tesco.”

This one resorted to explaining the resemblance:

“Aww congratulations they look just like their father”

Cuteness meter overloaded:

“A massive bunch of adorable piglets is breaking the cuteness scale! (followed by two emojis)”

The wait is never-ending:

“Can’t wait for the new season.”

Here’s an animal lover:

“Good thing you don’t have to eat them then”

This fan is a step ahead of us:

“On that point any news on the restaurant? #ClarksonsFarm

Always thinking about food:

Yay bacon bits!

Last one- this fan wanted one of the piglets to be named after him.

“Can you call one Dave ?”

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